SEO – Your trump card to rank on the top

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Have you ever wondered why only a particular website appears on the top of the search result of your raised query on the search engine? How come we are presented with the website that answers most of our doubts even when we use a few keywords in our queries? SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the spell behind this magic of top ranking. SEO assists in improving your business ranking.

Ranking your content on the top of the organic search engine result pages (SERPs) to channelize traffic to your website is Search Engine Optimization. To ace leathery digital media platforms, having insights into SEO is elementary. Therefore, we have addressed all the important key points that you should keep in mind to rank yourself on the top in this ever-changing Google ranking algorithm

Easily accessible and mobile-friendly

Your website URL must be well established should be easily accessible by Google bots to know what page is about and establish a connection with the raised query. HTTPs and SSL are fundamental along with a sitemap listing all your pages for your website. With mobilefirst indexing friendly content, ensure that the website has a good response rate, easy navigation, and interstitial ads don’t hide the main content. Page speed also impacts your ranking.

Content Optimization

Google ranking algorithm relies on keywords and phrases used to search relevant information. To rank high, using the filtered keywords and phrases to target your audience in your content can prove to be a result-driven step.

Technical Aspects

Your page title should include that your filtered keywords and the content must have heading H1 focusing on keywords along with certain subheadings H2 or H3. Create a grabby Meta description with keywords in 150 words to entice readers for your content. Image optimization by adding keywords to show relativity with content will also hike your ranking.

Quality Links

Google algorithm imitates that more back links mean qualitative citations for searchers. The higher the number, the higher your rank. Developing qualitative peculiar content and  linking from authoritative and relevant websites will bring the difference in your  ranking.

Domain and Authority

Exact -match domains are considered to serve the most significant information the user is looking for. Both domain and page authority have a vital role to play in ranking your website higher. Creating high-quality content and inbound links including internal and external will increase your domain authority while page authority is comprehensive and relevant information that is completely optimized without any bad links.

Rank Brain

Addressed as Google’s 3rd most important ranking signal, Rank Brain is an AI algorithm used by Google to understand the queries and measure the user satisfaction with results to rank the website higher in the search results. Click-Through Rate (CTR), Bounce Rate, and Dwell Time are another set of factors that influence your website ranking.

Bottom Line

To rank at the top in the search engine result pages is no small feat but with Digital seed, one of the best digital marketing agency in Pune, by bifurcating the complex SEO components and working on each of them, you can boost your ranking.


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