A Few SEO Tactics that You Need to Ignore in 2019

A Few SEO Tactics that You Need to Ignore in 2019

At this time of year, every online vendor is busy in two aspects: holiday sales and setting up for the new year while considering the upcoming eCommerce trends.

Monitoring 2019 trends along with preparing your WordPress website accordingly are at the core of this phase of year. Being a dedicated online vendor, if we fail to keep a check on things, we are definitely putting ourselves at a serious risk of falling behind the severe competition ahead.

As we are about to move into 2019, below are some of the bad SEO practices that we need to leave behind in order to achieve the best of it. Let’s begin!

  • Flat URL Structure

Some SEO experts refer to opt for a flat URL structure. However, it is one of the bad SEO tactics to follow in the long term. Let’s see how?


Example one is depicting a flat URL structure whereas example 2 is clearly depicting the hierarchy and significance of each web page within a website.

A flat URL structure in your WordPress website refers as one where all URLs of it appears at the top level with no hierarchical approach. In such structure, segments are being separated by simply splashes with no relation between each other. Such path segments are not more than one level deep.

Why is it bad?

  • Complex for search engines to understand your website’s hierarchy
  • Contains a faceted URL structure
  • Duplicate Content

A plagiarized or duplicate content on your WordPress website is an often followed practice by some of the online vendors. In today’s competitive digital industry, people do almost anything to achieve more web traffic and one of them is to steal content or articles from other websites.

However, it never makes a positive experience for your target audience. This is due to the fact that users nowadays are more interlinked as they were before.

Some of us build automated tools (in consideration with WordPress web development services) or choose bots to pick up the content (articles etc.) from others and save or publish on ours.

Why is it bad?

  • Negative impact on search engine’s rankings
  • The individual can suffer penalties sometimes
  • Irrelevant Keywords

Keywords play a vital role in increasing your ranking on search engines like Google. First, let’s get an accurate idea of what are the ‘keywords’ for your website.

Assume that you are an eCommerce development company and deal in Magento web design & development. Now what would be the keywords for your website content includes eCommerce development, Magento web development, web design & development company etc.

In short, keywords are the phrases with which consumers are searching for a specific product or service on Google.

So, if you are dealing in a particular product line and missing on adding the relevant keywords in your web pages’ content, you are losing on your web traffic.

Why is it bad?

  • More bounce rates
  • Negative for SEO
  • Paid Links

Opting for paid links to enhance your website’s SEO might sound luring as it is an easy and fast way to enhance your website ranking. In such an approach, you can easily pay a certain amount and buy links from others to experience a huge web traffic.

And, the one who takes amount shall place a link to your webpage on their own website. In the previous years, this SEO practice was being often followed by digital channels’ owners. However, this approach is losing on its appreciation due to harms linked to it.

Why is it bad?

  • Comes under Google’s webmaster guidelines violations
  • If get caught, you can be penalized for the same


Apart from the above-mentioned practices, there are some other SEO practices like spamming, spinning content, cloaking, blog spam, unnecessary keyword stuffing etc. that needs to be avoided for better web performance in 2019.

Randip Dhiman

I am an eCommerce web developer and specialize in eCommerce web design and development services with 5+ years of comprehensive experience.

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