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Beginners CHECK LIST FOR SEO for Small Business

Here are the 8 SEO checklist that every SEO Beginners should knows before Optimizing the website for search Engine. Lets get started,

1. Google  Search Console

Having GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE account will give you the reports of your business website, traffic and performances. It will also help you to fix the on page problems like 404 error, page speed, crawl issues which appears in your business website. SEARCH CONSOLE will help you to improve the efficiency of your business website.

SEARCH CONSOLE will analyze your web content and will tell you which queries brings you more viewers to your website. You can make an efficient content by using this report.

It will send you mail whenever it find out a problem in your website with the detail of what makes that problem to your website. You can let it know after you fixed the problem.

2. Bing Webmaster Verification and Sitemap Submit

Register with BING webmaster tool will also help you to analyse your website performance in Bing search engine. It’s a copy cat of Google, but it has more efficient tools than Google search console.

3.Deep Keyword Analysis and Research

Conducting keyword search is very important to have an effective website. Understanding the keywords intent which customer uses is the key to optimize the website.

4. Separate Landing pages with Keywords

Organizing keywords into logical group is also important. Organizing keywords into groups will ensure sensibly include keywords on the right pages. Our goal here is to help the search engine understand what you do, so need to overdo things. You don’t need to add every single variation focusing on popular ones will be enough to make your website enough.

5. Long tail Keyword focus

Long tail key words are also important. Most of the time long tail key words will contain more details about what the customer exactly looking for. Combine longer-tail search terms with your business location to target local customers

6. Meta Title & Description

Meta title and Meta description are two most important things to make customers to enter into business web page. So here, using perfect key terms and phrases to describe your business are very important.

7. GMB

Google my business is a platform to let the people know about your business location. After marking your business location in Google map your business will be listing out in the search engine result page. Having an account in GOOGLE MY BUSINESS is very important. It is the digital representation of your business. Giving 100% correct details and information’s about your business is very important.

Importance of GMB in Local Business:

  • In GMB (Google my business) you can get reviews from your customer.
  • It will help you in your LOCAL SEO, because whenever users search’s your company, your listing will be ranking.
  • The NAP (name, address, phone) will help the customer to reach you out easily.
  • The customer will be able to come to your business location by accessing the address in Google map.
  • The reviews will help you to attract more customers.
  • The bond between you and customer will be reduced. You can easily understand their needs.
  • The attractive pictures of your business floor will also bring more users in your doorstep.

8. Backlinks Building

Acquire more Backlinks from relevant Authority website will help to increase search ranks fast.  Ask Business partners, submit guest post, and create high DA profile links.

How SEO Expert Optimizes Your Business Website?

Simple SEO guide for SEO Beginners to optimize the new website, the given bellow are basic steps that every SEO Expert  in Chennai will doing for their clients to increase search rankings.

  • SEO Expert will optimize your business website header with the name, address and phone number. Adding these details in your website will make more people to contact and be in touch with your business.
  • Create unique content with as many keywords as possible to make your business website appear on the top of the search engine result page.
  • Having multiple Location page for the each and every branches will help you to attract more customers in the local area. Optimize your business website by creating unique and separate web pages for each and every branch with the location and phone numbers.
  • Adding service hours and service area and leave days in both website and Google My Business page are also important to let the customer know about our working hours.
  • Getting more reviews in Local Citations & Social profiles will make our website appear on the top of the search engine result page.


Rajarajan, SEO Freelancer, Blogger, Gamer From Chennai. Worked in few digital marketing agencies and now started my own SEO freelancing service for small businesses in Chennai.
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