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Onlive Server Offer USA VPS

USA VPS Server hosting is one of the most preferred hosting solutions for all type of businesses. Onlive Server mainly offers the same control as a dedicated server for the VPS hosting but the price is very affordable as shared server. USA VPS server is specifically designed to provide consumers with the appropriate means to save money, without compromising the hardware, security, flexibility and performance. VPS hosting is one of the most perfect compromises between a dedicated and shared server. A high-performance virtual server can be used in a convenient range. It works as a dynamic separation of a physical server with the functionality of a dedicated server.

USA VPS Hosting Features

USA based VPS Server Hosting generally comes with its own hardware resource and root access, processes, files and IP addresses. VPS servers can also be restarted independently. They also have the ability to install huge volumes of complicated applications while making changes to all files. To be very brief, a virtual private server also executes and performs the functions of an isolated and autonomous server. Dynamic scalability, which gives users the ability to update server resources with zero downtime that is one of the most unique features of our cheap VPS hosting. Today’s many of Company require about expanding and many websites that is easily create and maintain on a VPS server.

Why Should choose USA VPS hosting Plans?

Onlive Server’s Cheap VPS hosting solutions are specifically designed for reliability, redundancy and scalability. Complete stability and rapid access to data is one of the most important features of a virtual private server. VPS also supports a wide range of operating systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, Windows, Fedora and Suse. VPS USA hosting offers users 2 main processors, 2 GB of RAM, 60 GB of storage space, 2 TB of data transfer, dedicated IP address, 100 Mbps network connection speed and KVM architecture. The configurable options available in the control panel category include Plesk, Sentora, VestaCP, Webmin, Ajenti and so on. The affordable price at just $79/per month, that is one of the main advantages. Customers only need to make payments for the hosting solutions they really need.

Great Advantages with Great Plans

Choose our Cheap VPS hosting server plans. There data center is located in Kansas City Buffalo USA. The main advantages are given below:

  • Choose the plan that best suits your business, needs and off course in your budget.
  • Configure Linux or Windows based hosting package.
  • Free backups
  • Perfectly secure VPS server
  • Fully managed hosting services
  • Instant account setup
  • Zero Downtime
  • Increased availability of resources such as applications and hardware.
  • Better consistency of activities.
  • Affordable in Prices
  • Better data security
  • Maximum use of resources
  • Improvement of operational flexibility
  • Latest hardware Resource

Some frequently asked questions about hosting VPS servers:

  • Q. Is the Company providing free backup services?

Ans. Yes, the company will provide you free back up support service in case of a server crash

  • Q. What about your hardware resources?

Ans. Company will provide you the latest hardware resource. Dedicated RAM and higher speed CPU processor will be branded as well as bandwidth and storage space will be premium.

  • Q. Is technical knowledge mandatory?

Ans. No. as we already told that we provide fully managed server hosting services. So, users do not require technical knowledge. We always monitor Cheap VPS Hosting servers and configured very easily.

  • Q. Can we have the choice of choosing the operating system?

Ans. Yes, you can choose the operating system according to your convenience and also get managed and unmanaged solutions in the VPS server.

  • Q. Can I choose the control panel according to my choice?

Ans. Yes, you can easily choose the control panel according to your choice.

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