SCIFIKIDS – ARNIMALS New Version Augmented Reality Educational Kit(IOS&Android)

SCIFIKIDS – ARNIMALS New Version Augmented Reality Educational Kit(IOS&Android)
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An Augmented Reality kit featuring some of the most fascinating animals you can think of. Bring home a
set of fun learning activities for your kids, a truly unique and engaging experience designed by our team
of specialists. ARNIMALS is a cognitive affair that will resonate with parents alike as a truly wonderful
experience to participate with their kids. From learning accurate pronunciations to a detailed
description of the animals, each card is filled with an educational trip to the wild side. Learning can’t get
any better than this; it’s a perfect merge between physical activity and digital learning. It is the best of
both worlds, all in your kid’s hands.The experience is user-friendly and entertaining and works on all devices. The kids can engage in fun-based activity and watch a wondrous magic unfold as the animals come to life on the screen of the device through the technology of Augmented Reality. What follows is an interactive experience, as they learn and listen and play; making the whole learning process, an immersive one.Augmented Reality is a technology we have put to its best use, we have seen the joy the kids experience when they see an animal come to life, right before their eyes. It’s Magical! The whole experience is packaged in its best form, balancing fun and learning the best possible way.

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