Scaling your Shopify eStore for Better Conversions in eCommerce 2019!

Scaling your Shopify eStore for Better Conversions in eCommerce 2019!

Shopify web development is a tremendous approach while aiming to grow in the current competitive eCommerce industry. It doesn’t only allow you to set up a store but also provide you with adequate solutions with every single enhancement in its backend to scale your business.

Discussing upon a few of Shopify’s this last year enhancements that can be proved quite beneficial in 2019, let’s have a look below on how they can help us in our professional endeavors.

  • Shopify Flow- An Automated approach to manual tasks

Handling business in today’s competitive environment is not an easy task and asks a lot of efforts from your side. So, the first step towards exploring new experimentation and ways to scale a business, you need to free up your time.

And, this possible by cutting your involvement in manual tasks and other business processes by automating them. With Shopify eCommerce, you can easily achieve it while considering its “Shopify Flow”.

Shopify Flow is an automation app by this eCommerce platform that helps you automate common tasks like flagging & terminating high-risk orders, reordering product requests whenever inventory is low, tagging high-value consumers and more.

It doesn’t only help you to automate these tasks but also lets you increase operational efficiency and offload repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

NOTE: This feature is only available for Shopify Plus users.

  • Shopify Ping

Shopify Ping, a mobile app, is a wonderful approach to bring your customer conversations and various marketing strategies in a single platform. In case you already have a Shopify setup, you can simply consult Shopify integration company to gain access to this wonderful app.

It doesn’t only help you to more efficient in customer handling (messaging apps Facebook Messenger and Chatkit), managing marketing strategies via a built-in virtual employee (Kit).

With an easy implementation of this app, you can achieve: run Facebook & Instagram ads, email marketing, re-targeting campaigns, enhancing and adding new products to your Shopify store etc.

  • Shopify Payments- Cut down 3rd Party dependencies

ECommerce checkout process is a crucial aspect of every online business. Every retailer is always up for looking out different ways to make it user-friendly and more convenient. And, one of the biggest contributions of Shopify eCommerce is its own payment system so that there is no need for 3rd Party service providers.

With Shopify Payments, you can accept credit card directly without any need of 3rd party account setups. You can easily track balance and payment schedules, receive email alerts from your store’s dashboard, easily accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express with Shopify POS (low swipe rates 2.4% + 0¢ on all transactions).

Last but not the least, Shopify Payments help you accept accelerated checkouts (Shopify Pay), local payment methods (at competitive rate), automatic and customized chargeback response with just one single click and more to make your eCommerce easier.

  • Multilingual Checkout Options

With Shopify web development, you can easily personalize your checkout process while accelerating and improving Express checkout section.

Now, Shopify checkout is available for every online store (irrespective of your purchased plan) in all supported languages to ease down the process of checkout method more conveniently.


Shopify, #1 rated eCommerce platform, has always remained the best choice among retailers irrespective of their industry. Moreover, it is backed up by a strong community of talented experts who are always working on different ways to improve and add new enhancements while keeping pace with the technological advancements.

In order to get the best out of it, all you need to do is to keep an eye on its every upgrade and version that can complement your business needs periodically.

Anuj Sharma

I am an e Commerce developer and currently working for a leading web design & development company 'The Brihaspati Infotech'.

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