Rust server hosting made easy Rust server hosting made easy is a game server hosting service, where people can create and manage his or her own game servers for other players to join and play. Unlike all the other game server hosting services out there, is only designed to host one and only one game: Rust from Facepunch Studios.


“Rust is a multiplayer only survival video game developed and published by Facepunch Studios in February 2018 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. Rust initially created as a clone of DayZ, a popular mod for ARMA 2, with crafting elements akin to those in Minecraft.” — Wikipedia


Why Rust? – Because we love the game, but could not find a server hosting service we equally love. Actually, most of server hosting services only provide very basic feature set – far from perfect.


Why only for Rust and not include other games? – Because this makes us really focus on Rust and be able to do customized optimizations. This allow us to greatly increase productivity of server management and admin in


But this will limit your market size! – We know that by including more games we can increase potential market significantly, and there is software like TCAdmin we can use to manage game servers for many games without much effort. We just won’t do that, unless we are sure we can provide the best user experience for a game. Without focus and 100% customization, there can not be perfect service.


What is your feature set?


Check out our website for a full list of features we have, or try create one server and try it yourself if you are a Rust player. You will be able to create a server for free for 8 hours. And if you choose purchase one, you will have 5-day money back guarantee, so just try it!


Highlighted features:


Automated Rust upgrades. There will be at least one update released each month, and usually it will be followed by several other updates for bug fixes. In Rust, your server and players’ clients have to be same version, and if you failed to update your server after a new release, your players cannot join your server. It is thus very important to keep your servers updated to avoid such frustration and prevent player loss. Servers in will be updated automatically once a Rust update is detected and downloaded by us.

Strong support for modded servers. It is the mod system that makes Rust so much fun. There are more than 600 plugins for Rust from community and the number is only increasing. For a carefully modded server, it is not unusual to have more than 20 or 30 plugins installed. It is a tedious work to manually install those plugins, not to mention keep them updated carefully (as Rust updates itself, some plugins have to be updated as well). enables one-click plugin install and upgrade, and you can edit plugin config files in our online editor.


Native custom map support. In, to use a custom map, just select “Custom map” as server’s map type, and upload your map file from your computer. You don’t need to host the map file yourself and modify a certain server config manually, like other hosting services required.


Other features:


  • Easy server configurations. You can change hundreds of Rust server settings we listed for you to easily tune your servers.
  • Easy backup. Free one-click server backup, and you can control which part to restore from your backups, such as map / BP / plugins / etc. Never need to worry about losing your progress!
  • Scheduled tasks. Run custom tasks on a regular basis: backup, restart, wipe, and execute RCON commands.
  • Free website. Free modern website for your servers.


Start your 8h free trial today on!





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