The Role of Data in a Dental Practice Management

The Role of Data in a Dental Practice Management

The past decade has seen a surge in the amount of data collected in our practices from day-to-day operations. There is so much data collected on different software and sheets that practices themselves have lost track of it. Data collection is useless if it is not used to arrive at inferences to direct the progress of the practice.

Data is even dangerous if used without proper understanding. For eg: If you do not understand how two factors are interlinked, you may end up trying the wrong solution and may even worsen the problem. However, between busy practice schedules, this becomes a difficult task.

Another problem practices face is that the data they have is highly fragmented. It is spread over various systems that consolidating and processing it requires us to make use of expensive 3rd party vendors, giving an additional layer of risk in data security.

Are modern practice management systems the turnkey solution to all your data problems?

Modern practice management systems utilize a single database on a cloud based platform and have modules to help you in every function at every point in your practice, from organizing workflows to communicating with 3rd party service providers. Every bit of the process is mapped to patient records and so, everything is aligned, consolidated and easily accessible.

Some of the best dental practice management software systems come with built-in analytics module. Being built-in, it not only saves valuable time, money and effort, it also makes it an extremely powerful tool as every bit of data comes in the context of an even bigger data set. The analytics modules usually have built-in logic based on common workflows of practices in your country. This enables easy change to a data driven growth oriented practice, as data is not only available, it is also easily accessible and utilized in decision making.

What are the features to look for while choosing a practice management system that can help you grow?

  • Mandatory:
  1. Cloud based solution
  2. Fully integrated with all operations of your practice, from front-desk to collection
  3. Scalable infrastructure
·         Necessary:
  1. Built-in analytics
  2. Customizable dashboards
  3. Reporting
·         Optional:
  1. Automation features
  2. Intelligent design
  3. Patient engagement

Choosing a practice management system with all the features above instantly makes your practice competitive and ready to grow at par with the organized sector

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