Revamp your Magento Powered Online Store with Smart Hacks in 2019

Revamp your Magento Powered Online Store with Smart Hacks in 2019

In the current competitive world, every advancement in eCommerce industry comes as a lucrative opportunity as well as a challenge for online vendors. Your eCommerce store should definitely be up-to-date and compelling enough to cope with the dynamicity of the industry.

When we evaluate available eCommerce platforms in the market, Magento shows up as the king of web design and development industry.

The major reasons behind its immense popularity and appreciation are inclusive of its enormous offerings that aids to set up a robust shopping store that is perfectly optimized as well for future growth.

In this article, I shall be discussing some tips that can help you to revamp your Magento powered online store, further. Let’s get started below:

1. Easy Navigation and Mobile Responsiveness

It is always a good practice to follow easy navigation along with complete mobile responsiveness. Whenever you hire expert Magento developers or agency, you always need to ensure that the developed Magento store is quick to load across different digital devices like desktop, Mobile, and Tablets.

If your website holds a structured approach and is easy to navigate, it is definitely accounted as an added advantage while acquiring a huge consumer base. Some smart tips to ensure easy navigation and mobile responsiveness- opting for bold main menu that easily connects other categories and products or your website & breadcrumps to support easy landing and navigation.

2. Email Marketing Automation

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform and with its 2.x version launch, it has offered more advanced support to retailers. And, one of them is email marketing automation. In the world of digital marketing, emails have always been considered as the oldest and most powerful medium to promote your online business.

With Magento’s latest updates, you receive an easy integration of “Dotmailer tool” that helps you to cut down on various manual processes as it offers you with cloud-based automation tools. You can easily analyze the collected data and predict your whole email marketing campaigns’ ROI while drafting emails that are more personalized in regards to existing and future consumers.

3. Simplify Checkout Process

Checkout refers to the final users’ interaction in a purchase journey on your Magento store. It is a touchpoint where you can make or break a deal. Many times it has been seen that users left the products in cart only without completing the purchase. Here, one of the prominent reason of rejection always comes out as a complex checkout process.

Sometimes, there are hidden costs involved or no clear return/refund policy, lack of trust factors, limited payment and delivery options, and others. Thus, you need to keep a good check on these and offer a simplified checkout process to users.

You can choose have One or Two-step checkout, Free shipping, Multiple Payment method integrations, Guest checkout etc. for offering a better user experience.

4. Multiple Payment Method Integration

For every online vendor, it is important to follow every technological advancement and embed its every offering in eCommerce store for better-delivered results. As discussed in the aforesaid suggestion, payment options always play an integral role in every shopping website.

If the payment options on your website are just limited to credit or debit cards, you are definitely lagging behind the competition and it can hamper your website’s overall performance. Today’s digitally driven consumers prefer to have multiple flexible payment options so it becomes a compulsion for you as well to integrate the same.

With Magento, you can get easy integrations of PayPal, Visa Card, American Visa, etc. In addition to these, you can also opt for other digital wallets, UPI, AmazonPay etc. to serve the consumers better.

5. Functional Testing

While going digital in terms of your business set up, testing comes as a common practice that can help you to improve the overall web performance. Here, ‘Functional Testing’ aids you to improve on website’s readability, traceability, maintainability, and modularity etc. to a great extent.

With Magento, you get easy access to built-in functional testing/automated testing that can accelerate the overall testing process.

Final Words

At last, I would like to state that Magento is a solid eCommerce platform that keeps on updating itself periodically so that retailers can be in power at all times. However, you can always seek extra considerations as mentioned above in this article to boost profits.

Anuj Sharma

I am an e Commerce developer and currently working for a leading web design & development company 'The Brihaspati Infotech'.

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