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In a time when it’s difficult to remain well read, Young N Fab drops on the stage as the leading lifestyle magazine with the best content on fitness & wellness, food & travel and of course fashion.

The traditional lifestyle magazines are on the ropes, with long-lived titles throwing in the towel seemingly every other week; it’s not a surprise. These magazines have been closing for the best part of a decade; The old formula of half-naked women, banter and ‘think pieces’ on wild insobriety in some corners of digital space just isn’t relevant any more.  A proliferation of niche magazines on everything from lifestyle to the art of fashion are currently flourishing, and waiting for you to pick them up. From among all the online fashion magazines, online travel magazines and online fitness magazines, Young N Fab stands out with its unbiased and amazing content.

Most lifestyle and fashion magazines mostly target audiences who are college educated and have a disposable income. The average age is from 18 to 60 years old.Today when baby boomers want to look younger, and young women want to stay young, the avid magazine readers crave the latest trends to lavish their lifestyles. Not only do they want to look young and feel young, but they also want to live the “glamour and glitz” lifestyle. Besides investing in fashion, apparel and purses, they also share a passion to improve their homes and their health. They also want to be upto date with the latest and greatest kitchen accessories, furniture, and portable technologies. There is a constant search for online fitness magazine, online travel magazine, and online fashion magazine. Young N Fab is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to communities of all ages and genders. The magazine features everything from travel and fitness to society issues.

This food and travel online magazine, health and wellness magazine and online fashion magazine should be the one and only stop for online readers right now. Young N Fab is insightful, engrossing and stylish without veering into pretentiousness and hence the best online digital publication.



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