Raw banana: a diabetic-friendly food, know other benefits

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Raw banana or green banana is considered a powerhouse of nutrients and it’s a miracle food consumed by many people around the world. It’s a major ingredient in all south Indian curries and an unavoidable ingredient especially for the people of Kerala. Raw banana is loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  It offers immeasurable health benefits. If you are not adding raw banana in your culinary, just read on the post to know its benefits and you will never forget to include it in your curries.  Let’s check out how good is for diabetic people to regulate blood sugar levels also overall wellbeing! 

Benefits of raw banana: 

Including plantains in your diet is really a healthy option. Mentioned below are the health benefits of green banana, which you should know.  Have a look at it now!

1. Rich source of fibre:

Raw banana is rich in dietary fibres. Including raw banana helps to bulk the stool, speeds up the smooth digestion process and helps in relieving constipation. Due to rich dietary fibre, it keeps the stomach fuller for a longer time.

If you are suffering from severe constipation issues, consult your doctor immediately. Sometimes, certain underlying medical problems can cause fewer bowel movements. Your doctor will examine you thoroughly and based on the severity of the disease, he may suggest your treatments. Buy meds online from any best online medical store in India and save your money on your prescription medicines.

2. Diabetic-friendly vegetable:

Intake of raw banana helps to regulate blood sugar levels. The sugar content in raw banana is very low compared to a ripe banana. It’s a diabetic-friendly vegetable with a low glycaemic index value of below 55 and hence you can include more in your diet in the cooked form which helps in better absorption.

3. Regulates blood pressure:

Ripe and unripe banana has high potassium content. Potassium helps to lower the stress in the arteries and blood vessels, thus it keeps your blood pressure under control. It also prevents heart attack, strokes and other heart-related ailments.  Potassium also aids in maintaining kidney function.

4. Good for weight loss:

The resistant content of raw banana helps to keep your stomach fuller, thus it prevents you from consuming more food and aids in weight loss. So, include raw banana more in your diet, especially if you are on a weight loss journey. This keeps your hunger pangs at bay and prevents you from munching on junk snacks.

5. Treats diarrhoea:

Yes! Digestive disorders caused by virus, parasite and other bacteria’s will be eliminated if we include raw banana in our diet. Thus, cooked unripe bananas help in preventing diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and other digestive orders. 

6. Boost metabolism:

Vitamins and minerals in raw bananas help to burn more calories boost your metabolic rate and thus aids in managing a healthy weight.

7. Maintains healthy hair and skin:

Raw banana is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6. Both the vitamins are required for maintaining good hair and skin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress and free radical damage.  Vitamin B6 is one of the secret ingredients for your hair and skin. It combats skin dryness, maintains the body’s electrolytes and promotes hair growth.

If you cannot meet your vitamins and nutrients through foods, then take dietary supplements. Don’t self-prescribe any supplements without your doctor’s knowledge as certain supplements can cross-react with your regular medications. Buy OTC medicines online from any trusted online pharmacy India at your convenience.

Now you got to know raw banana benefits? Yes! Include it as much as possible in your diet only in the cooked form. Consuming raw banana may cause flatulence and bloating. Hence, consult your health care provider before you include it to your diet. Also, completely avoid having it, if you are allergic to raw banana.  Include cooked plantains and heal your health issues naturally!


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