Pinoy Bar and Grill and English Taverns: What’s the diff?

Pinoy Bar and Grill and English Taverns: What’s the diff?
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Both Filipinos and Brits are known to be fun-loving people. But when it comes to partying, their preferences can be a tad bit different. We have listed down the differences between a good old Pinoy bar and grill and a true blue English Tavern.

Light beer to the max!Filipinos love their light beer though the local Pale Pilsen has its own fans. But what Pinoy drinkers have yet to embrace is draft beer, which is only available at certain establishments and bars. A pint of bitter please!If you are drinking at a British Tavern, on the other hand, ask for Bitter, or ale. Draught beer is also popular as well as lagers!
Sisig, anyone?In a Pinoy bar and grill, sisig, chicharon bulalak, barbecue, kinilaw, and lechon are definitely on the list of must-have pulutan or snacks! Sausages and meat pies!The Brits, prefer slightly less greasy tavern chow but sausages, meat pies, chips, or fish and chips can be found on the menu.
Videoke challenge!Local bar and grills are typically airy with big tables to accommodate the entire barkada. It’s mix of bar interior and an outdoor restaurant. Bands and a videoke machine are optional but a total plus point. Darker, more moody.By comparison, taverns by tradition have darker interiors with a bar and a few cubicles.

But whether you prefer partying like a Pinoy or drinking like a Brit, one thing is for sure when painting the town red, it is best to do it with your best buddies and close friends. It is an ingredient to having a night filled with fun and unforgettable moments.

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