PHP Web development –Don’t

PHP Web development –Don’t
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As PHP language changed considerably over the years, code written in PHP website seems to be outdated. In this article, the developers get to know the tips to be followed and avoid in order improving the performance of the website. In the advanced world, web development plays an important role in the company’s sustainability. Hire PHP Programmer who knows how to handle bugs in their coding. If you develop an application or a web solution in an outdated standard then it will affect the performance of the website.

PHP Web Development – Don’t

Use of too many nested if statements

This is one of the common problems most of the developers do. The use of too many nested if statement will result in a bug or affects the overall load time of the website. Some of the people may get confused that where to close the if statement and so on. It is advisable by the experts to use invert conditions which is nothing but an else if statement. Hire PHP Developer India to complete your project requirement on time.

Needless Checks

Some people like to check the variable whether it is empty or not. It is really unnecessary to check the value of the argument before passing into a function. It not only increase the size of coding in some of the cases it will also raise an error.

Long functions

When functions are too long then it is very difficult for the developer to understand the function and know how they work. It is recommended to the developers to use PHP Built-in functions instead of using long functions. The benefits of using built-in functions are code optimization; the developer can easily modify the code if they wish and so on.

Lack of coding standards

Hire Web Developer who is experienced in PHP coding. A well-written code helps your business to get profit at a small period of time. Search engine always like the site in which the code is well optimized.

Too many function arguments

When you use too many function arguments it is difficult to use the function. Normally the developer may also forget the order of the arguments which is used in the function. You can use the builder pattern instead of using many arguments.

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