Nikk Unites With Avneet Kaur for His New Single Hit “Badaami Rang”

Nikk is a person whom we call jack of all trades. Being a singer, writer and composer, he plays many prominent roles in creating a song. The savvy engineer graduated with the B.Tech degree in Civil engineering with an astonishing 96%. But deep inside, he had the igniting spirit of becoming an artist and soon he released his first song Yaari which became an instant hit, (220M Plus views) and then Relation song which bagged more than 150 million views.

Avneet kaur is a talented actress who started her career at an early age. Her maiden appearance on the screen was when she participated in Dance India Dance Li’l Masters and subsequently in Dance Ke Superstars. Besides being an impeccable dancer, Avneet has a flair for acting. The way her moves are synchronized with the lyrics of the songs accentuate her innate talent.

Nikk Unites with Avneet Kaur

When asked how was his experience with Mahira, Nikk replied that it was ineffable. With a grin on his face, he affirmed that he really enjoyed working with Mahira in the project. Her remarkable sense of humor was one of the things that Nikk emphasized. Nikk also said that she is a talented actor who has the excalibur to fit into any role. “She looks completely natural when she is in her work,” said Nikk.

Nikk confirmed that his future song will revolve around his penchant for dancing. He is already taking dance classes so as to give something barnstorming to the audience.

The USP of the song is the chemistry that Nikk and Avneet share on screen. The spark between them looks literally natural and cogent.

Nikk Leading Punjabi Singer
The song was shot post-lockdown in Goa. However, given the pandemic, the crew had to take proper sanitation precautions to proceed with the work. The tardiness was there in commencing the work because everyone had to undergo a screening process everyday.

Till now, Nikk has appeared as a cute and an innocent boy, but in this song he has portrayed himself as a Casanova with a flamboyant personality with an impeccable sartorial sense.

The high budget shoot went on for more than five days without compromising on the budget, location and artists.

The unique thing is that Nikk played nearly all the major roles in the song. He selected the location, told the director how the scene should be shot and what to cover, and composed and wrote the song himself. In shooting the song, there were more than 200 people in the cast, which is a lot for a Punjabi song. All of them were foreigners in the cast. The song is promoted by Gremin Media.


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