Never Want to Leave: 6 Tips for Making Your Home the Most Inviting Yet

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We all love to have people over in our place to celebrate beautiful moments together. These types of gathering can span from just hanging out with friends on a Saturday afternoon to lavish birthday parties. Either way, we would like our guests to feel comfortable and happy. Our home is also responsible for that so we need to make it warm and inviting. 

Repaint the front door

Your door is one of the firsts things your guests will see. It is the point of the entrance so any damage, wear, and tear can be easily seen. Pay attention to your entrance. If it has to be refreshed, give it a new look by a fresh coat of paint. Make sure it’s well lit, so add a lantern above it or place it on the side of the door. You can elevate it even further with a personalized doormat. You can have your last name or a funny saying written on it. If you have room for it, add two potted plants on both sides of the door. A bit of greenery will easily create that welcoming vibe.

Put flowers and plants everywhere

A nice landscape increases your curb appeal, while indoor plants create a zen vibe within your home. Apart from two plants, you can place on both sides of your entrance, you should also add some plants around your house and along the entryway. Seasonal plants like tulips or petunias will add a splash of color to your exterior. Apart from outdoor plants, enrich your decor with potted indoor plants. Plants like aloe vera, snake plant, ZZ plant, will improve the air quality and also create a welcoming vibe. They contribute to a positive living environment and are also good for your health.

Pick a signature color scheme 

When you pick a color scheme for your home, go for something that elicits positive emotions. Whenever you enter a room, you should feel an instant sense of calm. The color scheme can influence our emotions, so pick those colors that inspire you daily. The main color of the room should definitely match your personality. You can go bold or neutral, but remember to pick only the colors you like. 

Furnish your living room the right way

When you pick furniture for your home, you have to pick functional and comfortable pieces. Whenever we have guests over, we usually entertain them in the living room or occasionally in the dining room. Think of the stable pieces one simply can’t go without – the sofa, armchair and a coffee table. If you plan on hosting a great number of people, throw in some floor pillows so everyone will have somewhere to sit on. Elevate your furniture even further by covering your furniture with blankets or throwers of different texture. Pillows are a nice decorative touch, so pick some bright shade that goes well with the overall decor.

Give attention to the first impression as well

The overall first impression of your home is important because it tells your guests that you pay attention to the way you present yourself. If your home is shabby looking, both the exterior and interior, people won’t feel good while visiting. 

Pay close attention to the exterior of your home because this is the first thing everyone will notice. Start by checking your roof for damages and leaks. If you can see the damages, then your guests will see them too. If the time has come to treat your roof, you should choose the most durable option like high-quality slate roofing and enhance the visual appeal. This can even increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it.

Outdoor relaxing area

If you have a backyard, you can create your private relaxing area. Once you set everything up, you’ll use this as your retreat and also entertain guests during their visits. Plants, flowers, and foliage contribute to the relaxing element of this area. Then, you need to include some comfortable outdoor furniture like lounge chairs and a swing bed. If you shade it right, you’ll be able to relax here at all times and enjoy the fresh air while you read a book and sip on coffee or your signature cocktail.

Creating a place that is warm and welcoming requires a bit of creativity, time and dedication. These tips will make it easier for you to create a place your guests will enjoy and love to return to.

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