The mystery of Unclimbed Summit of Mt. Kailash

Mount Kailash, the originator of Indus River, Brahmaputra River and the abode of Hindu Lord Shiva, has known to be religious for many other religions than Hinduism. The Jain’s and Buddhist consider the giant rock to be sacred and mysterious too. The mountain has an added adjective of mysterious because of the fact, it hasn’t been climbed by any mountain climber, ever. Not that no one tried to reach the summit, but mountaineers believe that something spiritual and inexplicable reasons stopped them.

Mansarovar, a clean water lake, often considered sacred remains calm through-out the year which is at the height of 4,590 mt., just 1748 mt below the summit and a little lower, is the lake Rakshtal which is considered the devil’s lake for its salt-water and stormy water flow. The combination of both of these lakes is considered to depict the solar system where Mansarovar makes the shape of sun, while Rakshtal lake is the shape of a crescent moon.

Here are some of the stories as explained by the mountaineers who attempted but failed to climb the summit of holy rock.

Some say, the trek route constantly changes its trek route confusing the trekkers. This is a mystery which hasn’t been solved by anyone. Other mysteries include unknown lights in the morning, India and China both believe it to be the other country’s drones but it hasn’t been justified till now.

The quicker aging phenomena has also been noticed by the pilgrims who have stayed near the Mountain. They claim to have a faster nail and hair growth in 12 hours, almost equal to the hair and nail growth in 2 weeks.

A professional on his expedition to the peak claims that when he was about to reach there, heavy snowfall stopped him hence failing his attempt. Several other professionals have faced oxygen deficiencies and other physical complications which put the journey on hold.

Mount Kailash is also known to be rich with precious elements such as gold, ruby etc. Also, a Shiva faced hill is also believed to be there.

However, if it’s the climate or a religious miracle, the truth remains that no one has seen what’s there on the Mount Kailash’s summit.

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