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The need of actual leads is important for any business to grow in a desired time frame. Successful B2B lead generation software requires having a well structured database and a set of commands properly focused to target a specific business type in a specific location– all designed to extract the details of required prospective clients.

My Data Gator has proven to be a versatile and user friendly B2B lead generation software and bulk database provider in India. It works for every business type and can help you get leads from any geo location at any point of time. This software helps you extract bulk database which includes information such as business names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, and email addresses using Google maps and live locations. Thus, making searches more organized. The B2B lead generation software is a unique and versatile tool which can be used by any company for lead generation. It reduces the costs involved in lead generation by reducing the magnitude of manpower involved in the task. It is very cost effective and drives enormous amount of leads at a cost as low as 1 paisa per lead. Along with the Google Data Scraper tool, they have tie-ups with leading directories (Directory3018 and India LatLong Directory) which provides bulk mobile phone number database and bulk email database.  This makes My Data Gator the best bulk database provider in India.

Qualified leads are essential if you want your products to sell. This B2B lead generation software provides data for every business type from any geo location on earth. If there is any data on World Wide Web, MyDataGator will hunt it and fetch it for you. This bulk database provider delivers you with huge amount of fresh and verified data at any time at the comfort of your own place.

The B2B lead generation software keeps your sales funnel full. This involves using a suite of tools to vastly reduce the amount of time you spend finding, contacting, and nurturing leads. With the laser targeted search for specific industry type in a specific location, you can maximize the returns on your prospects and feed your growth objectives.

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