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Manufacturer / Supplier of Mud Pump,


  • Public utilities : For pumping muddy water, sewage, polluted liquids, solid and in swimming pool.


  • Dewatering Basements, Trenches, Construction sites.


  • Onboard shift, as bilge, for desk wash & engine cooling


  • Tiles & Marble factories, effluent plants.


  • Mobile Machinery : Cooling water for marine engines and shovels.


  • Any application where priming is to be avoided.


  • Industry : Transfer of clean or dirty neutral, acid or alkali liquids containing sand, mud or solids in suspension; clean or dirty low viscosity petroleum product or solvents; milk of lime, caustic soda; washing, cooling, circulation; smoke scrubbing; emergency duty.


  • Civil engineering : Flood drainage; sewage pumping; fire fighting; recovery of dangerous liquids.


  • Naval duty : Loading and unloading; bilge pumping; washing, fire fighting, stripping, sanitary duty and circulation.


  • Waste treatment: pumping polluted, hot or corrosive waster water containing sand, mud or solids in suspension; dosing neutralizing liquids; pumping out settled sludge.


  • Construction industry : Dewatering excavation, canals or ponds; ground water dewatering with well point system or drains; water supply from wells or canals; hosing down concrete castings.


  • Agriculture : Surface irrigation; liquid manure oxygenation; transfer and spraying liquid manure or fertilizers, distribution of liquid animal feed; transfer of must; washing.


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