Mortgage Loans for Bad Credit in Alfred, Ontario

We are one of the best providers of mortgage loans for bad credit in Canada. We know that there is a high number of people in the country who have poor credit scores but are interested in borrowing to buy a new home. We also understand that some of the factors that lowered your credit score may have been beyond your control. This is why we have designed products that match your needs and circumstances. Our mission is to take the dream of home ownership to this sizeable part of the population.


No down payment required


We know that your bad credit score must have limited your sources of financial assistance. As a result, your ability to make a down payment for the mortgage may be limited. Our mortgage loan application does not require you to make a down payment when submitting your application.


Debt-to-income ratio


Most mortgage loan lenders will look at your debt-to-income ratio to determine if you qualify for financing as well as the amount you can apply for. At our company, we eliminate the challenges brought about by the restrictive requirements. When you come to us, all that will matter is your willingness to repay the mortgage loan.


Short employment history


If you are young or have a short employment history, you are likely to have an equally short credit history. Just like the people with bad credit, we have designed products that will help you to get the financing you need to own a new home.


Mortgage loans for bad credit


Having bad credit does not mean that you should be denied the chance to pursue your dreams. It does not necessarily mean that you have poor financial behavior. This is why we believe in you when we offer you our mortgage loans.

Whenever you are looking for mortgage loans for bad credit in Canada, look no further than us. Our friendly staff will be ready to assist you.


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