During Medical Abortion Work from Home is Better Care for Women

During Medical Abortion Work from Home is Better Care for Women

The very first day of the pill doesn’t provide any physical changes to the body. One can continue going to the office even, with certain precautions on the work front. These precautions are taken for the continual pregnancy symptoms which one feels during this time. Often more profound symptoms can call for medical attention. Pregnancy symptoms can get worse with the people who use it with often nausea and weaknesses in muscle continues after taking the first pill of Mifepristone. With the second pill of Misoprostol, the body responds in a couple of hours. The results are heavy cramps and bleeding which can be related to menstruation. All these processes take place within 24 hours of taking the second pill. Therefore, going to the office within the time frame is not advisable under certain circumstance. The effects after the consumption of Misoprostol will hamper privacy to a large extent. The effects are largely visible with the course of time and is not a good option to reveal them at the workplace. It is usually advised to take rest for minimum 4 days before resuming office after the second pill. Taking rest for at least 3-4 days is advised by experts.

The effects of abortion are heavy bleeding and severe abdominal cramps. This is general and affects everyone who takes the pills. Some common side effects experienced are nausea, fever and stomach upset. If these processes continue to go ahead, one can largely reduce the intensity of the pills to a considerable amount. You can buy abortion pill pack, which has other medicines which will lower the after-effects of the two pills, mostly of misoprostol. Ongoing further, abortion pill pack will largely help in working smoothly from home, even though going outside is not a good option.


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