Measure and Evaluate Candidate’s Skills with Reliable Employee Assessment Tools

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Employee assessment tools are vital items in your pre-employment arsenal. These tools provide an objective and predictive means of evaluating a candidate’s potential success in a particular job or position. Incorporating employee assessment tests into the hiring process offers a world of benefits to businesses, especially when finding the right people to fill job vacancies.

To promote a culture of engagement and motivation, you want employees that are invested in their work as well as the goals and objectives of your organization. When people are invested in their work, they are more likely to perform well, be productive, and create better output that brings greater results and in turn, improved bottom line for business.

Job fit is a crucial factor when seeking the right candidates for any type of vacancy, especially when it comes to highly technical roles such as coding and programming. Job fit has a lot to do not just with a candidate’s background and skills, but also the duties and roles asked for by the job vacancy, as well as the organization’s overall culture. The best employee assessment tools can help you find candidates that perfectly match what you are looking for. When factors like background and skills, job duties, and company culture are aligned with one another, you get the highest quality candidates for each role and well-rounded, perfect-matching job fit between applicant and vacancy.

In addition to cognitive and skills-based assessments, a well-rounded measurement of a candidate’s fitness to perform a job must likewise include behavioral and interest based assessments, which are also crucial factors in achieving higher rates of applicants matching with the right positions. When you are able to hire the right people in the first place, you get much higher employee retention rates as you boost workplace morale and overall organizational productivity—such is the value of the right employee assessment tools, used the right way.

Another major advantage of pre-employment assessment is a more efficient hiring process that helps you weed out fewer fitting candidates without having to spend more resources as you filter them through the later stages of the on-boarding process.

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Wild Noodle Corporation develops educational and recruitment software that provide tools and services for the companies and recruiters to attract and assess the best software developers, predictably and cost-effectively. It does this by running competitions which attract top technical talent, working with companies to promote their brand and job opportunities to the audience, providing quantitative assessments of candidates, and integrating employer feedback with machine learning to better predict job performance, pre-hire. Its Herbert programming challenge has been used successfully with over 10K users on over 200K tests, and its assessment score is proven to be well correlated with job success.


Wild Noodle Corporation develops educational and recruitment software Herbert, employee assessment tools, quantitative assessment tools.
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