Master the art of running incidence in online surveys.

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There are many facets of the market research procedure that even experts market researchers and consultants frequently do not take into consideration. One of them is incidence check.

As per an online market report, this particular step is important for developing an accurate bid, analysis plan as well as the timing when dealing with difficult to forecast and low incidence samples.

Incidence- what does it mean?

For those who are involved in sample and study set up, incidence is defined as the extent or rate of an occurrence. In market research terms, this number designates how many profiled respondents actually qualify for your survey. Additionally, incidence is the main influence factor of field time and sample costs. Normally, the lower the incidence is, the longer the field time is required with higher cost to complete the study.

Ascertaining Incidence

Discovering incidence is fairly up-front when the qualifying criteria is grounded on well-known factors- such as behaviors [ e.g. bought a car in the past 18 months or a primary grocery shopper etc.] and demographics. The criteria, however, is dependent on the attitudes or usage of new products and services can be difficult to predict. A quality supplier can often assist with the estimation by going through previous studies and carrying out secondary research using the academic, government and market research reports. This is, however, not always enough.

Conducting Incidence Check

Therefore, many years ago a market researcher developed the incidence check. The process is to help efficiently and swiftly to assist in providing direction on incidence when secondary sources are not adequate. In easy terms, it is a short screener questionnaire that is fielded before the main study among a small sample to ascertain the incidence rate. It may sound simple, yet creating an incidence check question, is much more challenging than what we may think.

The most essential component needed to create a better incidence check survey is a study analysis plan. Market report surveys tell you that successful study needs to be started with clear vision of the analysis and final report. As it effects the incidence check, which includes not only contemplating over the key respondent criteria but also about what interviewee sub-groups will require to be examined and profiled.

Making a quality incidence check study

The next step would be developing the specific screening questions with analysis plan as your guide [ although no one is screened out in case of incidence questionnaire. One thing to remember when creating questions is to try and retain as much as detail as possible. This is important, because in low incidence samples it may be important to compromise on the criteria due to budget consideration. More information enables you to make more informed decision about deleting specific criteria will affect overall incidence.

Utilizing incidence check data

Once the information from the incidence check is available, you can work with your sample supplier to develop/ update the final sample plan. You might need to alter the whole sample size to meet the sub-group sample size targets. Furthermore, you may also need to think about complementing a specific demographic. The final sample plan further can be utilized to discover an accurate pricing and timing.


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