Maserati Hash, An Afghani Hash: Major Benefits and Drawbacks

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Maserati Hash is an Afghani hash plant that was made using specially selected seeds and cultivated by the best hash makers in Afghanistan. The growers took many years refining every prototype they create, and chose the most flavorful and most potent among the stock. This allowed them to make one of the best cannabis strains. It is robust with a dominant citrus taste and pleasing sandalwood aroma.

Basic Information about Maserati Hash

Flavor and Aroma

A bud that is instantly detectable as soon as you walk into a room, Maserati Hash boasts a strong sage and spicy aroma. This hybrid has notes of sour and sweet, coupled with a fresh earthy scent that ties everything together. Taste-wise, this strain has a fragrant lavender scent that dominates its creamy inhale. You can detect some hints of herbs and pepper, as well as a strong citrus and sour lemon taste that will make your tongue feel tangy. When exhaled, the strain leaves a sweet, woody aftertaste.

Maserati Hash Benefits and Drawbacks

Effects and Benefits

Made out of a well-known landrace strain, Maserati Hash has many beautiful effects. It will make you feel relaxed with its mellow smoke. Those looking for a good time, whether alone or with company, will find what they are looking for with Maserati Hash. It combines a happiness-inducing cerebral high with a stimulating effect to make you feel optimistic and inspired. Maserati Hash will make you feel euphoric, and place you in a constant uplifting state and make you feel refreshed for hours. It will make you sleepy, but not before giving you inspired and creative thoughts.

Especially loved for its nighttime effects, Maserati Hash can reduce the symptoms of those suffering from chronic pain and inflammation affecting the muscles, joints and back. Some insomniacs have reported that this strain is an excellent and natural way to get sleep. It calms the mind, simultaneously winding down the body, to help them reach a relaxed state. Maserati Hash has also been prescribed by doctors to cancer patients to help them regain their lost appetite, especially during radiation and chemotherapy. The physically exhausting treatments can have a huge effect on their food intake.

Adverse Reactions

Maserati Hash can cause some side effects which are expected because of its all-around potency. This strain can leave you feeling dehydrated, so it is best to have some fluids nearby to avoid dry mouth, and dry, itchy eyes. Some users have also reported some mild bouts of paranoia after consuming this strain, which is most likely caused by its high THC level. Generally, similar cannabis strains can make you feel dizzy and anxious. It is common for users to overthink things after smoking. The good news is that these reactions are usually common among new users, and should fade away after a while.

Growing and Flowering

Maserati Hash is a good choice for any grower to cultivate. Because the plant can grow very wide and very tall, it requires a good amount of space to branch out sideways and upward. This easygoing plant requires the standard amount of nutrients, along with good sunshine and warmth. When grown indoors, the plant can yield around 18 ounces of bud per square meters, taking about 11 weeks to complete flowering. Outside, it can yield about 22 ounces per bud, likely flowering by late summer.

Although it has its share of drawbacks, it cannot be denied that this Afghani hash does offer so many benefits for both recreational and medical cannabis users. If you want to use this plant to get relief from your medical issues, consult your doctor to make sure that this is the right strain for you.

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