MageWorx is Updating Some of Their Magento 2 Extensions


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Sales-Order Grid v1.0 Extension, 15 February, 2018: Mageworx, an excellent Magento Extension Builder, has recently introduced a new extension for the Sales-Order Grid v1.0 to make the default Magento 2 Sales-Orders Grid much more useful, powerful, functional and feature-rich. The new extension contains wonderful features including 28 additional columns, 20 extra order actions, additional options like order comments, orders achieving, orders color makers and more.


Mageworx has also done an amazing job in the extension by making the Sales-Order Grid fully customizable. With the help of this extension, the cart owners can customize their cartthe way they want based on business/cart requirements; such as they can add columns as per need, they can hide columnsfrom the grid which are not needed, they can add product thumbnailsto any order, synchronize additional order data manuallyand do a lot more a lot more things.


One of the exiting features of this extension is the addition of mass-action. One can apply mass actions to bulk number of orders at once to manage bulk actions like Order Complete, Issue Invoice, Resend Order Email, Ship Order and a lot more. This feature is not only time-saving but also it makes streamline order management much easier& quicker for the cart owners.According to sources, the Sales-Order Grid extension is still in development and more features are going to be added in the feature-list in future. Visit the extension page to know about the extension featuresin more detail.


Apart from Sales-Order Grid extension the company has also introducedsome other extensions for Magento 2 which includes the landing page extension, popup extension and the Magento 2 Others Also Bought Free v1.0.1 extension. The Magento 2 Others Also Bought Free v1.0.1 extension allows shopping cart owners to discover related products recommendation based on the purchase history of the buyers. The extension also helpsin organizing data in a better way with the help of the ‘Related Product’ section where all relevant data or products will get displayed in a particular block.


The main motive of developing this extension is to help businessmen to experience flawless performance of their shopping cart. This extension can help business owners to increase sales rate to huge extent as they can attract more buyers by recommending relevant products.


These extensions can be bought from official website of Mageworx. Along with the extensions Mageworx also offers free updates and improvements, free support for life and risk-free 30 days money back guarantee.


Get more information about the free extensionhere:


About Company: Mageworx is an excellent Magento development platform that helps businessmen to develop wonderful shopping carts for any kind of products or service. The platform also works on developing extensions for Magento features to make the default features of Magento platform much more powerful and feature-rich.


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Company name: Mageworx

Address: 222 South Ninth St, Suite 1600 Minneapolis, MN, USA, 55402

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