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These days, thermal analysis is an important and required part of any thermal design. There are several tools out in the market that will help you conduct thermal analysis quickly and effectively. Ansys Icepak thermal analysis tool is one of them. Icepak is one of the best engineering analysis software for cutting-edge simulations, and it is widely used in different engineering sectors, but especially the electronics industry. Ansys thermal analysis software is a component-based simulations package that allows you to add various components to your model easily. It also has numerous macro and automation capabilities to help get results quickly. Ansys Icepak’s easy-to-use simulation environment can be used to model diverse systems, from as small as IC packaged to large systems. It can handle both rectangular and curved geometries with ease.

Another general-purpose thermal analysis tool widely used in the electronics industry today is FloTHERM from Mentor. Both FloTHERM, from Mentor, and Icepak, from Ansys Inc., are known for accuracy, ease of use and automation.

Thermal Design Solutions is a thermal management consulting firm that serves worldwide clients in thermal design of electronics. With decades of experience in the field, we are experts in all aspects of electronics cooling solutions. From chip-level thermal design, to large system, we help companies achieve optimal, reliable and cost-effective thermal solutions.

Thermal Design Solutions has some of the leading specialists in thermal management of electronics. We have more than 25 years of experience in the field, working for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Qualcomm Inc, and Ansys Inc.

Electronic Cooling System expertise from Thermal Design Solutions include:

  • Temperature measurement and diagnostic tools
  • Flow measurement systems
  • Passive cooling solutions
  • Effective conduction heat transfer
  • Radiation heat transfer strategies
  • Natural convection optimization
  • Active cooling solutions
  • Fans and blowers, from miniature to conventional
  • Heat pipes
  • Liquid cooling
  • Thermal interface material technologies, from gel to pads to metals
  • Phase change materials (PCM) – Extensive experience developing various PCM materials at Henkel, and simulations of PCM-based systems
  • Thermal insulation solutions, including highly porous media and vacuum technologies
  • Thermal Ergonomics – Extensive experience with touch comfort issues, Human thermal interface studies for handhelds and wearables
  • Outdoor Equipment
  • Thermal regulatory requirements
  • Solar loading
  • Altitude effects

About Thermal Design Solutions:

Thermal Design Solutions is a thermal management consulting firm that serves worldwide clients with their electronics cooling needs. We help various companies with thermal design of electronics to arrive at straightforward, reliable and cost-effective thermal management solutions. For more information, please shoot us email to [email protected]

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