LC100 Series of Linear Encoders With Full-size Scale Housing

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For monitoring motion in a straight line, top industries rely on linear encoders. This high-tech device then provides positioning feedback via electrical signals. The industries that utilize machining tools to achieve precision depend on top-quality exposed linear encoders.

Although optical linear encoders aren’t difficult to find, not all of them offer the same caliber of service. However, the LC100 Series of linear encoders with full-size scale housing is in a different league. Considered by many as the golden standard, this Heidenhain product exceeds expectations.

Key Features of Magnetic Linear Encoders

The following are a few of the features that set this particular encoder apart from others:

  • Accurate and reliable position measurements
  • Extremely rugged
  • Boasts a vibration-tolerant design
  • Interfaces with Mitsubishi, DRVE-CLiQ, EnDat, Panasonic, and Fanuc
  • Works for highly dynamic linear axes up to 4240 mm long
  • Available with functional safety

Reviewing some of these features in greater detail makes it easier to appreciate the efficiency and reliability of these exposed linear encoders.

High Vibration Tolerance

This is particularly vital for certain industries. Designed with outstanding vibration tolerance, as well as long measuring lengths and superior ruggedness, they make it possible for these optical linear encoders to perform at high levels even in harsh environments.

Consistent Accuracy

Achieving consistent and repeated accuracy is another critical milestone for the industries that use encoders. The LC100 Series accomplishes both goals. One unique aspect of the design of these magnetic linear encoders is the low-wear ceramic coupling. With that, the encoder prevents inaccuracy associated with wear. Even better, this encoder continues to achieve accuracy throughout its lifecycle.

Functional Safety

If preferred, customers that select the LC100 Series of exposed linear encoders can have the functional safety featured with fault exclusion added for the mechanical connection. Combined, these make the encoder an excellent choice for applications with up to SIL 2. Once integrated into the system, the encoder not only enhances safe machine tool operation but also minimizes malfunctions.

Trusted Protection

Depending on the environment, some encoders face risks such as dust, coolant, and chips, which can all cause serious damage. These magnetic linear encoders have a unique design that ensures optimal protection.

The seal has double lips with diagonal orientation. That, along with the scanning unit’s sword, gives the encoders the protection needed from these and other risks. This innovative feature also allows customers to mount the encoder on its side or in an upright position.

Buy From a Trusted Source

For top-of-the-line optical linear encoders, you can always count on Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. (MDS). As an industry leader, we won’t disappoint. Contact one of our company representatives today.

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