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The magnificence of the completely clear waters of Pelagie Islands, their basic scene, their profundities with the tropical fauna, an astounding assortment of fishes: groupers and mackerels, parrotfishes and triggerfishes.

Lampedusa, together with Linosa and Lampione forms the Pelagie archipelago, from the Greek name Pelaghiè – Islands of the high oceans, shards of African land, emerged from the Mediterranean Sea.

Its shorelines are laborious and dark, and open onto an exceptional green ocean, ideal for finding its brilliant seabeds. In the core of its occupied region, foreshortenings of day by day life and chronicles told by the islanders.

Lampedusa is simultaneously brutal and brilliant. The urban focal point of the island offers everything for the visitor excitement: flavorful eateries along the shoreline, vacationer convenience, rental of methods for the vehicle (autos, bikes, electric or gas bikes). There are places with stillness and quiet perfect on the off chance that you truly need to segregate yourself. Get a Mehari and drive in the inside of the island: here various styles blend while completely regarding the soul of the island, very refined in the utilization of light and shading.

Island of Rabbits – Isola dei Conigli

Only a couple of meters a long way from the west shore of Lampedusa, before a shocking sandy shoreline, is the Isle of Rabbits.

As opposed to what you may envision, this little bit of rough and wildland demonstrates no hint of hares. It is a lot simpler, in any case, to keep running into an example of loggerhead turtle laying eggs in the close-by shoreline. It is named Spiaggia di conigli (Rabbits Beach) because of its vicinity to the Island, and it’s one of the last places picked by this uncommon reptiles as their settling site.

As a matter of fact, the name of the Island and of its namesake shoreline is accepted to be because of a mix-up in deciphering old cartography that announced the name Rabit Island, inappropriately interpreted from the English word bunny (Coniglio).

Almost certain “hare” does not show the little creature, however, results from a fundamentally the same as Arabic phoneme, which can be interpreted with the importance of “association”, with reference to the isthmus that occasionally turns out between the islet and the coast.

Name aside, what is sure, in this luscious dream place, is the triumph of the gloriousness of nature, the excellence of the shorelines, the view and the astounding completely clear blue water that transforms into a genuine common pool.

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