Konderatu: A Tropical Holiday Buffet Alat Musik Bali

Konderatu: A Tropical Holiday Buffet Alat Musik Bali

alat musik Bali, one of the most famous tropical islands in the world, has never been out of ideas for offering fancy options in spending the elegant tropical holiday for its tourists. Gifted with picturesque beaches, high valued traditions and gorgeous underwater scenes, it is always perfect for summer holiday. It’s even perfect with all tasty and delicious beverages available in every restaurant. Located in South Bali, Konderatu is the finest one among all restaurants.

It’s not just a restaurant; it is way far from just a place to have your meal. It’s a heritage house, filled with the touch of elegant, classic, modernity and of course delightful food. It has the best chefs who will serve you with their most tasty food from local to western food. All beverages always come with original flavor that will make you beg for another one and they are specially served with tempting piece.

It’s surrounded by natural environment that will make you feel like you’re on the other part of the world. Every feature is specially designed to fulfill human passion of quiet, private and charming nuance. It comes with the best feel from local artists. It’s the place where traditions are highly treasured. If you only have short time to visit Indonesia, you should not worry of missing the chance in seeing local traditions throughout Indonesia because there is also an exhibit that is help periodically. It is intended to display local products from regions in Indonesia such as food, art craft, traditional performance, music, dancing and more artistic creations.

Each part of the rooms presents different heritage from Bali and other regions in Indonesia. They will bring you to have the chance to get to know more of Indonesia’s treasures. They are also perfectly able to use both for individual and public room so you don’t have to worry that you will loose the chance to get the private feel if there are so many people having an event there. You can just relax, sit for hours while reading book, listening to music and having the best available cocktail. It’s definitely the moment you will embrace for years.

If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing the precious legacy of every generation while having breakfast, lunch or dinner then it is your best choice. It is a buffet to end your tropical holiday. You’ll definitely feel at ease to spend high quality time there

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