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Joshua Jackai Agency is the Vancouver Branding Agency & Clothing Manufacturer focuses solely on Cannabis & Marijuana Products package designing and marketing.  The team at this agency delivers marijuana and cannabis businesses with data-driven, expert, and results-oriented digital strategies considered to expand your customer base, intensify social media presence and increased revenues.

As cannabis and marijuana becomes more authorized, the business surrounding it continues to develop. Many businesses and top entrepreneurs now campaign on a stage of total weed legalization since it’s that admired a stance, and it seems every other day there’s a local story about a mom who became a millionaire selling edibles. Also, major search engines like Google aren’t chiefly keen on letting people support marijuana products on their online portal, even if the state it’s produced in is legal. Cannabis manufacturers have been required to find some other means and marketing ways to sell their goods.

Joshua Jackai Agency, based in Canada started helping number of businesses who are struggling for professional package design work with cannabis companies’ globally. They offer data-driven performance packaging solutions for businesses who want to sell products in the medical marijuana and leisure cannabis industries. Their product package design services include:

Even though Cannabis is officially permitted in Canada, cannabis-related businesses cannot promote on social media channels or Google. But, has the solution! Their team is highly qualified to put into operation creative, adapted product packaging solutions that will allow your business to leverage best and quality design on your products. They also offer logo design, graphic design and social media services

About Joshua Jackai

As an African-American Entrepreneur, Joshua Jackai is a Fashion Designer, Branding and Graphic designing Specialist. Originally from Hayward, California, he has attended Simon Fraser University from and Graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications and holds a certificate from the Charles Chang Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program.

Joshua Jackai Agency is located at 128 West Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 0E6, Canada. If you want to learn about CBD Oil Package Design In Canada, you can call Joshua on +15105147337 (USA) or +16042595427 (CAN) or email your queries or requirements (if any) at [email protected] The team will get in touch with you soon with the best solution for your product packaging design.

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