Integrating Travel Insurance Without Harming Your Customer Journey

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Ancileo insurance software as a service allows agents and insurance providers to let their customers take insurance from them in a better way without making it complicated. This customizable technology solution for affinity partners, insurers, brokers, and re-insurers is here to make insurance selling and buying process more manageable.

Everyone loves to travel and even though we know that travel insurance can secure us from unforeseen circumstances and unnecessary headaches, the traveller often overlooks travel insurance because availing it is never easy. Your customers go through a lot of paperwork and the days it takes to get their insurance approved finally is quite heavy on them. This is the reason why you should think about API travel insurance and make the insurance policy buying easier allowing more and more customers to show interest in your insurance plan.

Insurance policy should never be difficult to claim or get. Ancileo is here with our insurance API software making it easier for you to sell travel insurance quickly.

Here’s why you should choose Ancileo:

Digital Distribution

Ancileo is integrated with API; this white label personalized solution for the agents will let you address different distribution channels to its epitome by using its flexibility feature.

Claims Automation

Another reason for using Ancileo is to provide bespoke policyholder satisfaction by allowing your customers to claim for settlement faster. It is powered by AI and machine learning. Agents will now be able to focus more on delivering personalized and better customer service.

Policy Management

Ancileo comes with a modular and insightful policy management system which is designed to be used by a different department, for instance, sales, underwriting, finance, and so on. It also comes with in-built customizable features and reporting.

Premium Billing

Ancileo allows your customer to choose from multiple payment options, which means you are letting your customers go beyond credit cards.

Ancileo’s answers empower vigorous, adaptable and flexible combinations since selling travel insurance online ought to be as simple as selling clothes, travel tickets or even books. We kill pointless complexities and superfluous subtleties so you can get ready for action with us as quick as could be expected under the circumstances.

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