Insights To Data Science-The Rise Of New World Of Career Opportunities

You are currently viewing Insights To Data Science-The Rise Of New World Of Career Opportunities

Insights To Data Science-The Rise Of New World Of Career Opportunities

Data Science is undoubtedly one of the most rapidly progressing technologies in the present 21st century. Data Science has now become an integral part of every business’s operational & development process & its impact isn’t limited to one particular field. The applications of Data Science can be seen in the industries across every major sector like IT, Business, Banking, Healthcare, Automobile, Defence, Telecommunication, Insurance, Education, Government, & across several other sectors.

What Exactly Data Science Is?

Data Science Training In Hyderabad is developed for Big Data management & analytics. This technology makes of advanced tools & algorithms along with mathematical, statistical, AI & Machine Learning concepts to accurately interpret with Big Data & to extract insights from it.

Data Scientists are experts who are skilled in handling the data analytics processes in Data Science. These professionals are very much skilled in handling Big Data management & analytics techniques like data wrangling, data mining, data cleaning, data modeling, data visualization, data storytelling & as well as advanced predictive analytics & Machine Learning skills.

Multidisciplinary Features Of Data Science-

Highly Precise- The data analytics processes in Data Science are very much accurate in their functionalities.

Highly Scalable- With Data Science, we can manage data of any size without any complex issues.

High Speed- With Data Science we can rapidly process data of any enormous level.

Highly Accurate- The outcomes of analytics models in Data Science are highly accurate

The Rise Demand For Data Science Experts:

Let’s have a look at the exclusive salary packages offered to Data Science experts

  • Data Scientist $85,000-$170,000
  • Data Analyst $50,000-$75,000
  • Data Science/Analytics Manager $90,000-$140,000
  • Big Data Engineer  $70,000-$115,000

Salaries offered to skilled experts in Data Science by the top companies

  • Google: $152,856
  • Apple: $145,974
  • Twitter: $135,360
  • Facebook: $134,715
  • PayPal: $132,909
  • Airbnb: $127,852
  • Microsoft: $123,328

These figures clearly state that Data Science professionals are among the highest-paid professionals in the present age of Big Data.

Where Can You Leverage Knowledge Of Data Science?

At present, many training institutes offer advanced training in Data Science. Kelly Technologies is a pioneer institute for Data Science training where students will be working towards leveraging hands-on real-world skills in the Data Science industry. The training delivery here is taken care of by expert trainers who are very much committed to making their students get transformed into industry-ready Data Science experts.

As a part of the comprehensive Data Science Course In Hyderabad program that is offered by Kelly Technologies, students will be learning the topics from an advanced curriculum that covers the complete breadth of the topics involving Data Science. In this program, students will also be learning advanced topics related to AI & Machine Learning technologies as well. So, this is a perfect time & opportunity to master your knowledge of cognitive skills in Data Science & get hired successfully.

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