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Induction cooking is a different type of cooking if compared to other conventional types of cooking on gas or via electricity. Due to the versatile working of the induction cooktops, only certain types of pans and pots can work properly on an induction burner. The induction cooking works by producing a magnetic field between the cooking pan and the magnetic coils under the cooking surface. The electromagnetic field created heats up the pot to cook the food inside it. But, how can you make sure that a particular cookware is compatible with the induction counter or not then overcome the confusion by buying the cookware from the list of best induction cookware 2018. But, you can also go through few points are taken up here.


How to check if the pan is Induction compatible?


To tell whether the pan is compatible with the induction stove, hold a magnet to the bottom of the cooking pot.


  • If the magnet holds on to the underside, then we infer that the cookware will work perfectly on the induction cooktop.


  • If the magnet clutches to the cookware softly, you may not experience good cooking with that cookware on the induction stove.


  • If there is no attraction between the magnet and the cookware, that means it is not the right metal for induction cooking. Also, the material won’t heat up rather.



Metals like enamel cast iron, cast iron and many types of stainless steel are all compatible with the induction cooktop. There are few exceptions to stainless steel material, as the amount of nickel present in stainless steel will determine whether the cookware will block the magnetic field or not. More the quantity of nickel used in the making the cookware, less will it conduct the magnetic field.


Having learned the basics let us move to the advantages and disadvantages of induction cooking.


Advantages of Induction Cooking:


  • The induction stove heats up quite fast. It heats up 50% faster than the traditional cooktops.
  • The temperature of the induction stove can be adjusted easily. The controls given can reach the required temperature easily and accurately.
  • The surrounding surface of the cooktop is cooler and thus provides more security.
  • These don’t radiate any heat.
  • Induction cooktops are very easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are easy and safe to use. Even the disabled people can use it quite easily.
  • They come with safety lock feature, that prevents children from using it and getting hurt.
  • Induction cooktops also have timer function to control the cooking time.


Disadvantages of Induction Cooking:


  • The induction stoves are comparatively more expensive than the gas stoves and electric stove.
  • These work only with certain types of cookware as discussed above. Not all cookware can work on induction cooktops.
  • The induction stove cannot be used in case of an electricity outage. This is one of the major drawbacks.
  • Most induction burner are not capable of maintaining very low temperature, so sometimes it can get very hard to just warm the food.

If the appliance goes down, repairing and replacing the parts can be really challenging.

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