Indian Miniature Sculpture and their fame Online

Indian Miniature Sculpture and their fame Online

Indian Sculptures represents not just the art of India but in the initial stage those were hugely influenced by the religious images of Gods and imagery example of virtues in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. The sculptors reflected their devotion and art by making large and miniature sculptures of Gods and Goddesses.

Miniature Art

The art of miniatures have existed in the world for centuries now. In different ages and era, the measurement of miniature has been a subject to change but in the modern time any art that is between 3 cm to 25 cm is considered as miniature art. This is the type of sculptures that attract the consumers easily as they are beautiful and easy to take care of too.

Miniature Sculptures in India

In India, the miniature art is not too recent either. Back in the time, when India was ruled by Muslim and Mughal emperors, the miniature sculptures were in existence. With time, there was a variety developed and the sculptors experimented with various material and images.

Material for Sculptures

In the very beginning, stone used to be a kind of material that was preferred for the sculptures as it was long lasting and durable but with change in time clay, metals , wood and other materials came to be part of miniature sculpting. Now a day, the artists are using variety of materials to make sculptures.

Internet to connect artist and art lover

In the modern age, the presence of internet has been no less than a blessing for the artists to connect with the art lovers and buyers of their art. By showcasing their miniature sculptures online, the Indian sculptors are gaining popularity day by day. With the sculptures that are so engaging to observe, more people want to buy Indian miniature sculpture that are available online.

Final Word

Regardless of colour, creed or occupation, everyone loves art of some kind be it music, painting or sculptures. Indian sculptures are among one of the magnificent creations of artists and art lovers do not hesitate to buy Indian miniature sculptures as they are an amazing work of art.

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