Increase workflow and reduce costs with effective wastewater management

Increase workflow and reduce costs with effective wastewater management

Eliminate the negative impacts on human health and nature with wastewater management

Installing customized machinery and equipment at the industrial units can affluently help to remove the effluent from wastewater. The specialized equipment treats and recycles the wastewater within the production process. Proper treatment is essential to lessen the negative impacts on the environment and human health.

The machines for different industries ensuring excellent treat-ability

Take a look at different types of wastewater treatment machinery that could be useful at your industrial units.

Installing Tpi-Cpi-Oil Water Separator is helpful for oil separation from effluent water. The separators remove free oil and suspended solids from the oily water. The corrugated plates in the machine enable efficient gravity separation that ensures excellent treat-ability guarantying high flow rate. Installing the machine reduces the construction cost.

Wastewater contains fibers which may clog the equipment and increase the sludge quantity. A customized spray filter effectively helps in sludge control, equipment protection, water reuse, and many more operations. It also helps to recover the fibers from the wastewater which is reusable in the production process ultimately reducing the raw material costs.

The multi-grade sand filter or pressure sand filter gets popularly used in different industrial units requiring removal of turbidity from water. The multiple layers of sand and specific gravity suspend the particles and remove turbidity from the feed water with minimal pressure drop. The filters get customized to meet the process requirements. The machine ensures maximum utilization of the surface area with a lesser pressure drop area and effectively removes the impurities.

Sludge management at the industrial space is a tedious job but with the right technology helps to manage the entire process effectively. High-grade belt filter press constructed from stainless steel and high-grade plastics manage the entire process of gravity thickening, chemical separation, and belt pressing. Such effective machines are available in different sizes and selection can be done according to the requirements.

DAF or dissolved air floatation is an efficient water treatment process which clarifies the wastewater with the removal of solids and oils like suspended matter. The makers design the machine in different sizes appropriate for the industrial areas.

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