Ideas for Using Your Wall Tapestry in Innovative Ways

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An ingenious piece of Modern colorful Wall art, tapestries are versatile, classy and worth every penny. Earth shades, contemporary designs, psychedelic prints, tapestries are offered in plethora of designs to let you be wildly creative and pep up the space around you. But simply putting them up on your wall is just too mainstream. You are better than that! Worry not. To take your game of tapestries décor to a whole new dimension, here are 9 madly innovative ways of using them and grabbing the attention of on-lookers with ease –

  1. Up and above!

Putting tapestries on the wall is a passé. It is time to dress up that ceiling of yours and make it awe-inspiring. Pick from the range of modern or classy designs such as batik to give your space a happy-go sunny feel or choose from Bohemian or abstract designs to give the space around you a mystic feel. All you need is a couple of hook and loop fastener such as Velcro and you are set. 

  1. Light it up, in style!

You have this beautiful room flooded with natural light every morning, practically breathing air into your space. But sometimes it gets a little too sunny and you need to take that “edge” off without killing the vibes of the space. Unique tapestries are the savior you are looking for! Simply hang it near the light source and get that edge off while giving the area a smart decor vibe as the light dances around you.

  1. Heads up!

Ah, the beauty sleep we humans need! The serenity of slumber is just piously beautiful. So why not pep up your sleeping throne a.k.a the bed. Pick a tapestry design of your taste and put it up as a headboard. And no, it’s not just a makeshift method but an elegant and grand permanent method to jazz up that headboard space. Try the classy “nail through the fabric method” for quick fix or more sophisticated method of using rods and Velcro and you are all set! And just for that extra oomph you can add few abstract tapestry based cushion covers, giving your bed the majestic look it lacked.

  1. Just a Bedroom thing!

Talking about your sleeping throne, why not spread tapestry on your bed and relax. Yes! Tapestry, thanks to its fine thread design it can be used for an interesting and attractive bed spread. Team up any of the thousands of unique tapestry designs available out there to compliment your decor and it will surely make your bed a standout piece of furniture.

  1. Furniture fable!

So you bought a bean bag but now it’s more of a “beat-up bag”. Days of usage has left it in shoddy shape. Sweat not folks, tapestry magic will fix that. Simple use Velcro and wrap your bean bag with a tapestry design of your choice and it will be as good as new. Be it poufs or ottoman in your room, tapestry is a cheap yet swanky way of doing something interesting with your furniture. Be wild with your choice and let the versatility of tapestry do the rest.

  1. Beach, please!

Not just a house rat, unique tapestries are a great beach spread option as well. Thanks to its clean and intricate designing, tapestries are robust in usage and offers comfort too. Simply pick up a bewitching design to suit your taste, spread it on sand and let the sunny dog days ensue.

  1. Wrap it up!

Got your picnic/beach spread but why not beat the excessive tanning with wrapping up the tapestry around you! That’s right. Tapestries are a great and an eye catching cover up when you head out to relish the sea life. Simply pack a pair or two of tapestries in your bag and wrap it around when you done with the dip in Ocean or got that desired tan on you. 

  1. Tent up your life

Not a surprise but this Modern colorful Wall art aka tapestry can be a great companion for your getaways. These can be easily set up as picnic tents and you can kick back and munch on some delectable food under it. Or simply set them up for your kids and let them rule the fortress. Let the creativity take over and there is a lot you can do. 

  1. Vloggers Spot!

The dandiest way to use tapestry in the e-age is to use them as an interesting backdrops for your Vlogs. You can make your viewers experience the sunset or let them feel the ocean vibes with some classy painted tapestry and let them be intrigued while you deliver the content.

So there you have it! These are some of the great ways of putting unique tapestries to use and make the most of them. But don’t limit to just that. Let your imagination run amok and use these Modern colorful Wall art as you desire and need. 

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