HowTo Climb The Mount Kilimanjaro?

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However, you do not need equipment or training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro but with a little effort or with the help of a guide you can reach the top of the summit. There are certain things that you need to know before you start your climb.

Get yourself a Tour and Travel Agency

Planning a trip or a tour, especially when trekking is involved, should be done through a tour and travel agency. These agencies have a guide who can help you in reaching the top of the summit safely. You can also choose your route to climb the mountain with the help of the guide assigned to you. Since they are experienced and trained, they know which route would be the best for you. The agencies also have a back-up in case of any emergencies.

What is the Perfect Time to Plan your Trip?

When you are going to Africa and planning your climb on Mount Kilimanjaro, then you should also make sure that you are choosing the right time to do so. Even though throughout the year it is a good time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro but the best seasons to trek the mountain is from January to March and June to October when the weather is perfect for the climb. These are also peak seasons when it can get crowded. Avoid rainy season as the tracks can get slippery and may not be apt for trekking.

Choose the Route that you are Comfortable with

Choosing the route that you can scale is very important to ensure that you can reach the top of the summit. You can seek the guidance of your guide to choosing the right route. If you have been trekking for many years or have any experience, then you can choose the routes that are challenging. But for a beginner or inexperienced trekker, choosing a shorter and easier route would be advisable.

Ways to get Acclimatised

After a certain level, the altitude can make many people feel sick and are unable to reach the top of the summit. To help you in acclimatisation, it is advisable that you choose a route that will gradually ascend making it easy for you to get adjusted with the altitude. It is also necessary that you keep yourself hydrated and keep a note of any kind of sickness that you may feel during the climb.

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