How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally?

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Social media has become an important part these days and many people don’t realize it’s taking a major portion of the time. In the night, people spend hours scrolling down Instagram or Facebook or even checking the emails. As if the sedentary lifestyle wasn’t enough to ruin health.

These days people are easily distracted or disturbed with these platforms and the point is they check them in the night, hindering the sleep pattern. This is precisely the reason why one needs to have a night routine to avoid any trouble. A perfect combination of night routine and the ideal mattress would be the right way to wake up fresh and energized.

Say no gadgets: It’s one of the foremost steps in the night routine is to be alone without phone or laptop. Making time for other things, one has to have free time. This is more difficult with web streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar. With one click everything is available and people bing watch for hours before falling asleep. The blue light of the devices can cause serious harm to natural circadian rhythms. Such exposure can be avoided easily.

Reading: After turning the phone or laptop away, reading a book ( not an e-book) is recommended. It will not only enhance knowledge but also relax the brain by taking the person into a different world where the protagonist is somebody else and the problems are someone else’s. Think of it as a momentary pause from all the worries and fears. Some people find reading a book is rather therapeutic.

Bath: Long day at work? Nothing a warm bath can’t fix. Bathing in the night can be very relaxing as it lowers the body temperature. It soothes the mind and with some salts can lower the stress. Try this at home and see the result.

Meditation:  Meditation works the best and it promotes good sleep. It involves several breathing techniques to calm the mind and release stress. If done regularly, it is known to reduce anxiety and help people focus on important things, especially people suffering through depression or bipolar disease. After finishing up the meditative session, a cup of chamomile tea would be added bonus. It further soothes the nerves facilitating better sleep.

The other thing that meditation does is it allows the person to be aware of surroundings and to one’s thoughts. Spending time with oneself is important. One should have a “me time’, kind of introspection and take the learning forward.

Journal: Having and writing a journal would always help, given that the person is fond of writing. If the person isn’t, it can be developed with time. Another thing that’s quite rewarding and self-satisfying is writing about all the things a person is thankful for. It seems a bit far fetched but it works. Many researchers believe that doing this every day will make the universe give more. One can also chat with family or friends. It is still magical about having a one-to-one conversation than greeting on social media.

Mattress: One could achieve the aforementioned points but sleeping on a wrong mattress can ruin the efforts. Therefore, it is imperative to have an ideal mattress that doesn’t hurt the spine and prevent back or neck pain.

How to get an ideal mattress?

There are various mattresses available in the market and the key to finding the right mattress is by knowing what kind of a sleeper one is. This involves motion transfer, any health issues. A few factors have to be considered before buying or replacing the mattress.  Consulting a doctor also helps in making the decision. There is not one best mattress for sleeping in India but many. It depends upon the person since there is no definition for the right mattress.

Many prefer an orthopedic mattress, given its various benefits. These benefits involve providing spinal support which is very important these days. Other benefits involve no discomfort while sleeping, no motion transfer (doesn’t matter how many times the partner goes to the washroom, the other partner will not be disturbed). One of the most important aspects is it eliminates body aches or joint pains. The best option our for everybody. However, not every mattress is orthopedic, do research before buying. there are other mattresses as well such as memory foam, latex, hybrid and gel. Try and see which suits the best.

Where to find such a mattress?

There are a few mattress companies in India that provide the best mattresses. One such brand is Eclipse International, its wide portfolio offers all king of mattresses from orthopedic, memory foam to latex. It has got all covered! It has gained a reputation in the American market and is being considered as the best luxury mattress brand.

That was all on various things one could do to get the best sleep. Many people are suffering from insomnia these days due to their lifestyle. Work is important but one has to maintain a balance between the professional and personal lifestyle. With so much commotion around, getting some time alone is difficult. There is no other option left but to make time for doing some things for the peace of mind in this modern, fast-paced lifestyle.

Social media is affecting people massively and it is occupying the subconscious mind, creating problems. People are feeling much more depressed, especially teenagers. Nobody is learning anything and people are getting dejected and have low self-esteem. That is why it is much more needed to do all the aforementioned things to move forward towards growth and prosperity, which is easily missed.


Eclipse International is an American Mattress Brand in India that provides premium quality mattresses and bed accessories.
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