How to Secure Your Company’s Assets

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In today’s society, loss prevention has become increasingly more important. Sadly, not only do you have to worry about employees doing things they shouldn’t, but you also have to be concerned about outsiders who can take advantage of criminal opportunities. If you’re looking for a viable way to protect your business, start by using asset labels.

Especially for industrial applications, these labels serve a critical role in protecting assets. With expensive equipment, machinery, vehicles, and more, you need to do everything you can to secure the things you own. In this case, industrial labels are a perfect solution. You can adhere them to all sorts of assets, and because of their material and overall design, they can withstand even the harshest environments.

The great thing about working with a top-rated industrial labels manufacturer is that it makes products specific to each industry. For example, if you have a chemical processing plant, you would need asset labels that resist corrosion. If your company deals with packaging and shipping, the labels would need to resist abrasions. Regardless of your situation, the right company can create industrial labels specifically for your needs.

Why Are Asset Labels So Critical?

Using a combination of industrial labels and a state-of-the-art computer program, you’ll know where every asset is at any given time. That means if you have employees who take computers out in the field, you can track their movement. If you have contractors who use company vehicles, you’ll always know who’s in possession of the various automobiles you own. Not only does this help protect belongings, but it also makes personnel accountable.

The tags a trusted industrial labels manufacturer makes adhere securely to assets. Because of that, removing them is quite difficult. Then, as mentioned, the manufacturer will select the appropriate material based on both use and environment. For instance, if you need industrial labels for outside equipment, perhaps a crane, bobcat, or backhoe, they have to withstand fluctuating temperatures and challenging weather conditions.

Something else to consider is that by using asset labels, law enforcement will have an easier time identifying stolen goods. If thieves enter your property and take something of value, you can provide a coordinating number to the police. Especially if you adhere industrial labels to covert areas, the crooks may not know they exist. That means they don’t remove them, making it easier to identify recovered assets.


Along with protecting your company’s assets, these labels streamline your inventorying process. Ultimately, you’ll know what items you have versus those you need to buy. For budgeting purposes, this can save you significant money since you wouldn’t purchase overstock. Using the same computer system, you can check your inventory in far less time and without as much effort.

We Can Help

Identifab is a leading industrial labels manufacturer that can accommodate your specific needs. For more information about our services, please visit our website. You can also call to speak directly with a company representative.

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