How To Manage Anxiety While Flying?

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Does the idea of flying freak you out? If yes, then you aren’t alone.

Flying across a country is an exciting feat for some, while many others simply dread. For them, it is something, they have to be mentally prepared for.

It is not because they have a full-fledged phobia, but because they get incredibly anxious flying in the air – where unfortunately they don’t know how to deal with it.

Fret not as we provide you the much-needed help.

Below are some of the points to help you to deal with anxiety while flying:

Can You Face Your fear?

Most of us will shy away from admitting our deep-seated fears. Be it height, water, creepy crawlers, lift, or flying, in this case. It’s natural not to accept it in public.

In fact, as per a 2010 study by Boeing, 17% of US citizens have acknowledged their fear to fly!  Many simply do not have the nerve to deal with enclosed spaces while others are scared of crashing!

If we go by the fear of an airplane crash, the chances of dying in a plane crash are less as compared to dying in a car crash. Will you stop traveling a car? Obviously No!

Reasons can be anything but you must deal with them.

 Most often, anxiety struck at takeoff and landing. If you’re in this category,  then you must be having friends and relatives talking about ‘how safe is flying’.  Be open and listen to your loved ones who are trying to help you out!

Knowing The Unknown Is Power

Grab more information to be less anxious while traveling through air. If then also anxiety is holding you back them consider taking online classes from renowned phobia experts.

They are hard-core professionals with an elaborative body of work to address many of your misconceptions.

In fact, they can give you some easy tips and tricks to deal with fear of flying.

Be Calm & Composed

Ever tried meditation while traveling by air? It will get you through unnerving turbulence or any on-air jitters. Obviously, it’s important you get the hang of the basic techniques to gain maximum benefits.

Taking deep breaths calms you down and restrict hyperventilation.  Do not clutch the armrests hard as it manifests anxiety.

When you are at flight and suddenly you find yourself spiraling into anxiety than ‘recall some happy moments of your life with family, or friends, even personal glory’. Gain the strength from your high points to combat the rough times you’re living through.

Have a cup of coffee or your favorite drink to stay calm. Keep yourself hydrated.

Let Distraction Be The Key

Indulging yourself in some work distracts you from flight fear. It could be anything such as reading a book, watch movies, listening to music, solving sudoku, etc. The more you are into any other activity, the less the mind will have a chance to wander and worry.

Seek Help If NEEDED

Flight attendants are trained to deal with many adverse situations while you’re traveling. Do let them know if something is disturbing you!

Make them aware of your anxiety and explain how good you are in managing it.  You never know if they can help you in ways never imagined before.

Remember Fear Is Not Dangerous

It is hard to separate anxiety from danger. Just because your body is panicking does not mean you’re doomed! Keep reminding yourself that it will pass, and you’ll be all well!

A plane is never going to crash just because you deeply fear!

Read the airline safety card to stay calm.  You can also book any preferred seat if that makes you feel ok!

Remember, turbulence is pretty ok. Keep yourself informed about how natural it is for airplanes to face turbulence. Your major focus should be on managing the anxiety rather than waiting for the turbulence to end.

In the end,

Fear of flying is not something new. We have provided some of the easy tips to comfortable for you to deal with it.  To get the most out of it, exercise control over what you do while traveling via air.

Consult Fearless Flyer which provides a certified online course for people who are grappling with the gnawing fear.

If you still have some questions, go through FAQ section to clear your doubts.


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