How to Choose the Right Wholesale Supplier to Fulfill Your Business Needs

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The importance of wholesalers is widely recognized as the number of online businesses goes up each year. It has become very important for businesses to build the right partnerships and find the best wholesale suppliers to fulfill customer demands.
We look at some of the key strategies that should be followed to improve supply chain networks and find the best wholesalers to meet your business needs.

Understand the Wholesale Suppliers Industry

In order to build the best partnership with suppliers you need to understand how the wholesale industry operates. There are less than 1000 wholesale suppliers that meet almost 30% of the consumer market needs in Canada. The majority of big and small retailers depend on these wholesale businesses to keep their stocks supplied and shelves full.
The Canadian wholesale market serves the needs of consumers in a variety of industries such as food, beverages, apparel, fashion and home improvement. Online retailers and business owners must conduct active research to get the best prices and products reliably from their suppliers.
Since there are many wholesalers in the market there is a lot of room available for negotiations with suppliers to get the best deals.
The main question is: where do you find the right wholesalers for your business?

Wholesale Directory Canada

Online directories, listing websites and databases have quickly become the number one source for finding products and services online. Reputable business directories are run by business veterans who ensure the data on their site is accurate and provides complete and thorough information about business activities, products and history.
You can use a B2B wholesale distributor’s database to find the best supplier for your business in Canada. There are 4 main features that you should consider to choose the right supplier when searching online.

1. Price is generally the first factor. Most suppliers that you will find online can be contacted to get a quote for their products and service contracts. Some listing databases allow you to compare prices between different suppliers both locally and internationally. B2B wholesale distributor’s databases such as Alibaba and Wholesale Central are ideal for this purpose but you can also use Canadian companies’ database websites to find businesses that serve your needs.

2. Product quality and variety are two main factors that you want to consider when buying through a listing database. Wholesalers that offer a wider range of high-quality products rank higher on listing sites than businesses that offer products of a subpar quality.

3. The shipping times and delivery service quality should be considered next when choosing a supplier online. If your products arrive weeks after ordering from a supplier, it is a clear indication that they are disorganized and you cannot rely on them for quick delivery during crunch times like the Holidays. Order a product as a sample to see how quickly the supplier delivers before placing an order with the wholesaler.

4. Last but not least is the customer service. How quickly do the wholesale suppliers oblige your orders? Do they inquire about your needs and preferences and go out of their way to make sure your business is doing well or treat your business as a given? Good customer service should be one of the key criteria for you to choose the right wholesale supplier for your business.


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