How to choose the right format for your business’s video productions

How to choose the right format for your business’s video productions

So you’ve decided to jump into the exciting world of video production for your business.  That’s great!  The truth is, no matter what your product or service is, adding video content to the mix is absolutely essential, and if you don’t do it, your competitors almost certainly are either doing it now or are about to do it.  The earlier you get started with video production and the more time you spend in the planning phase, the more smoothly the process will go and the better the return on your investment will be.  There is a lot to take in when it comes to the process of selecting a production company, planning out your video and then executing it, so let’s break it down into a few steps that are often overlooked.

Think about who you’re talking to.

This is one of the most vital steps that newcomers to video production overlook.  While you can make a one-size-fits-all video that will speak to a wide range of viewers, that may or may not be the best approach for your particular business.  Who exactly are you selling to?  Would they be better reached by TV commercials or by online videos? What challenges would they be looking to solve with your product or service, and what aspects of those challenges would that particular person be most interested in learning about.  Be as specific as possible.  If you’re a B2B business, you might want to think in terms of business role.  Are you talking to marketing people?  Are you talking to executives?  Engineers? Make a theoretical “profile” about the person you’re talking to, including their day to day concerns at their job, the challenges you imagine they face, and the kind of details they would be interested in when selecting a product or service.  You can do the same thing if you’re targeting consumers.  Take the time, do the research and see what you can uncover when it comes to target audience preferences.

Once you’ve decided on the kind of person you’re communicating with, really hone your messaging so that you are communicating only things that that particular audience will be interested in seeing.  For example, executives might not want to view a video that dives too deeply into details, and may prefer to see a general overview video that touches on all of the aspects of their operation that your product or service can help with or affect so that they can then hand off the sales process to someone more technical.   If your point of entry is going to be an engineer, you might want to focus on producing a video that goes into the nitty gritty of how your product or service works, the minutiae of its benefits and the technical background behind it all.

Once you are armed with this information, you’re ready for the next step.

Communicate your message and your goals with the right video production company.

So how do you find the right video production company?  We’ve written about this at length elsewhere, but one thing you’ll want to look for is someone that focuses on you and your business and not themselves.   If they are listing off their own accolades, awards, equipment and achievements, they might not be the best vendor to work with.  On the other hand, if they’re asking you good, detailed questions that show that they want to learn about you and your business, your goals and challenges, and that they want to align with you as a real long term partner who not only can produce the right videos for you, but who can advise you as to the best format your video productions should take in order to get the results you want, then that might be the right video production company to go with.

Once you’ve worked with your video production company on your messaging and target audience, it’s time to decide what formats would work best for your video.  There are almost unlimited choices for this, and not all of them will even fit into a neat box.  If you are targeting the executive, a high-end, engaging piece that elicits as much emotional reaction as it does convey information might work well.  You want to instill confidence in your company overall, and high-end cinematography, directing and post production can make a C level executive feel that way instantly about you before you’ve even communicated a single bullet point to them.

If you’re talking to engineer types who want a little more information, an explainer video might be the best way to go.  Explainer videos are like moving infographics, with stylized, easy to follow animations that are usually accompanied by voice over to inform the viewer about more detailed subjects in an entertaining way.  This can be broken down even further, as the type of engineer might change the approach you would take to an explainer video: do you want it to be dry and serious (maybe if you’re focusing on serious subject matter, such as health ), or do you want it to be lighter and more entertaining, possibly in a field where things generally could be livened up but no one has thought to do it yet?

If your audience is very customer-focused, you might want to think about a customer testimonial montage, something that can show real world results with real customers.  This can be one of the most effective ways of making a potential customer feel comfortable with your business, and can be one of the most powerful ways to get them into a buying mindset.

This is just the beginning.

There are almost unlimited ways to utilize video production to grow your business, and this article only touches on the very simple basics.  But building off of these basics, you can create multi-video strategies that can help grab viewers’ attention and lead them to further content on your website that will be tailor made for their focuses and interests.  The right video production company can help you strategize on how to best accomplish this, so listen to their input and you’ll be well on your way to growing your business through video production.

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John Webb is Head of Business Development for Flow Production and Post, a New York City area TV commercial and video production company.


I'm head of Business Development for Flow Production and Post, a TV commercial and video production company in the greater New York City area.

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