How to choose the best Architect?

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Are you planning to build your dream home? If yes, big congratulations! It is one of the best feelings one could experience. Building a home is one of the most tedious tasks as it requires time, energy and a lot of money. Now, while spending these many resources you would obviously want it to be the perfect one. But, do you have any sketch or design to show to your builder about your dream home you want them to build? You need an architect!

Usually, people do not hire any architect considering them as an extra expense. But, this is not actually true. Know the benefits of hiring an architect:

  • An architect can design an exact blueprint of your dream home considering your likes and dislikes. This design will be helpful for the builder during construction.
  • Architects are professionals and have enough experience in designing. They can create an error-free sketch of your home that will be easily permitted by the government authorities.
  • Architect’s advice is sometimes very useful in bringing cost efficiency and energy efficiency.
  • Architects are well versed about the brand products and therefore can recommend the best products to be used in the construction of your site that fits your budget.
  • An architect can easily guide the builder about your requirements and can also do regular supervision of the construction site until completion.

How do you choose the best architect?

1) Visit Websites – Let’s say you are looking for local architects in Dubai. All you need to do is search in Google “architects near me” or “top architects in Dubai“. You will get a list of websites of architectural firms. Check out their past, current and upcoming projects.

2) Get References – Inquire with your friends or family if they know any good architect in the city. May be anyone in your group can provide you a good recommendation. You can also look for online reviews of the firm recommended by your friends or relatives.

3) Meeting – Once you like their portfolio or get a good recommendation from anyone in your group, it’s time for a meeting. Call them to fix a meeting or appointment with their representative. Feel free to ask all your queries with them during the meeting.

4) Direct Contact Throughout – After deciding upon any architectural firm, confirm whether they will be your point of contact throughout the entire process. It is very important for you to have one direct contact to know the work progress. Any modification in the plan can be properly and timely conveyed when you have direct contact with the architect who is supervising your project.

5) Referees – Finally, you should ask for the referees – including past clients, builders, and other consultants. They will be the best to tell you whether the architect is perfect for your building plan or not.


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