How to apply for Canada work visa from India?

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As an international student working in Canada, completing your studies does not mean that you have reached the end of your time in Canada. In fact, working in Canada is considered one of the fastest options for obtaining permanent residency in Canada.

Many students use their studies as a springboard for temporary work and permanent residency in Canada.

Graduate work visa

Many international students who complete tertiary education in Canada usually remain and gain work experience in Canada. Once students have completed their studies in a program at an eligible Canadian tertiary institution, they must know how to apply for Canada work visa, which allows them to work in Canada.

The Government of Canada has recently made changes to the graduate work permit program to make it more flexible and respond to the needs of international students. With the Graduate Work Permit Program, international graduates can now obtain a three-year open work permit, which allows them to work for any Canadian employer in any industry. It is not necessary to have a Canadian job offer at the time of application.

Stay in Canada after graduation

If you decide to stay in Canada after graduating, there are a number of programs you should know that how to apply for Canada work visa?

A postgraduate work permit will allow you to gain valuable work experience in Canada, which in turn will give you access to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) visa. This program can be issued for the duration of your study program, up to three years.

For example, if you graduate from a four-year degree course, you may be eligible for a three-year work permit if you meet the criteria. If you graduated from an eight-month certification program, you would be entitled to a work permit valid for no more than eight months.

The Canadian Experience Class visa offers graduates the opportunity to pass successfully from temporary to permanent residence. This is open to candidates who are familiar with Canadian society and can contribute to the Canadian economy. A good knowledge of English, in addition to a qualified work experience, is a must.

Canadian experience

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration category for temporary foreign workers from Canada who wish to become permanent residents. Temporary foreign workers are also ideal candidates for Canadian immigration and permanent residence.

Canadian Experience Class applications are processed through the new Express Entry selection for immigration to Canada. Eligible applicants must express their interest in immigrating to Canada, create an online participation profile and receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency before submitting an application.


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