How to Apply for Canada Tourist-Visitor Visa

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Explore Maple Leaf Country! Step to step guidelines to Apply Canada Tourist Visa

There is no lack of those who wish to know How to apply for Canada Tourist Visa. Perhaps, Canada’s varied attractions and mind-blowing infrastructure, not to mention its cosmopolitan society, attract such applicants even as they want to discover the magical lands of the Maple Leaf Country Canada and enjoy its different treasures. And since the Canada Tourist Visa is the best and the easiest visa to seek and apply for, they try to find out How to Apply for Tourist Visa for Canada!

But before we, like them, we may know How to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa, let’s first highlight the key requirements of this visa!Canada Tourist Visa Major Requirements

  1. You must have a legally valid passport and other necessary travel papers.
  2. You must have a good health. Canada does not want those suffering from any kind of communicable diseases.
  3. Your moral character must not be questionable. Criminals and those with a ‘dark’ past beware!
  4. You must have some properties, family possessions to stimulate your financial strength and your return to your home nation.
  5. You must exit the nation before your visa expires.
  6. You must have satisfactory resources to support yourself.
  7. The funds to show depend on whether you will reside with your family or friends, or if it will be a paid accommodation for you.
  8. Based on your citizenship you may also need to have a Temporary Residence Visa (TRV).
  9. You must undergo medical examination to rule out the chances of you being sick or suffering from any serious health problems.
  10. You must have a letter of invitation.

Getting back to our subject of discussion How to apply for Canada Tourist Visa

You will have to follow some important steps to successfully apply for the Canada Tourist Visa. Prior to your application submission, you should go through complete information given on the visa/permit requirements on the IRCC website, to find out if you are really qualify for it. Only after you are 100% certain that you have the required qualifications for application, you may proceed with these:

5 Major Steps to Apply Canada Tourist / Visitor Visa

Step 1: Find out the options; how you will submit your application

You have the options of applying either online or on paper.

Apply on paper: With a view to apply on paper, download the application form for your visa together with the relevant checklist even while you follow all the steps shared here under.

Apply Online: With a view to present a petition online it is required that you have a credit card and a scanner or camera so that you may make electronic copies of your different required supporting certificates.

Step 2: Filling an application form rightly

Go through the instruction guide and carefully fill up the application form. It is mandatory that the completed application has the important barcode page. The IRCC may return or decline your application in case you fail to share every requested information, papers and charges.

Step 3: Pay the processing fees

Pay the relevant charges for your visa application. Confirm that it is paid either through bank draft or certified cheque. Find out about the updated fee structure before paying to be on the safer side.

Step 4: Visit your local Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC)

Drop in at your local Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC). Go there loaded with your passport, photographs, fully completed forms and every supporting certificate according to the checklist and the IRCC fee instrument, and payment guidelines.

Step 5: Submit your application form

Present your completed application there. Give your service charges also and get a receipt in return. It will have your unique tracking number. It is vital to track the progress of your application online. Your bio-metrics could also be sought and you will have to provide it in such a situation.

Step 6: Check the progress of your application online

Retaining the unique tracking number, check the progress of your application online.

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