How Influencers Are Propelling Slowdown of Coronavirus Spread?

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COVID- 19 is a major problem that has brought the whole world to a standstill. This unprecedented situation is a task for governments all across the globe. Instagram is a powerful medium and Instagram influencers can actually motivate people to stay at home and practice social distancing. Health officials all across the globe have stressed the point that the millennial generation will be the core group that can limit the spread of coronavirus. And these millennials follow Instagram influencers like God.

What Are The Instagram Influencers Doing To Curb Spread Of COVID-19?

The influencer marketing agencies are now running various coronavirus related campaigns. These campaigns create awareness regarding the disease and encourage people to maintain social distancing and avoid public gatherings. They also help people to boost their morale so that their spirits are uplifted and they do not feel bogged down. Using ‘Stay Home’ stickers will get likes on Instagram.  The campaigns that are run by Instagram influencers lead to user engagement.  They spread the word about what things must be done to minimize the number of COVID positive patients.

Targeting The Youth

It is believed that more than 50 % of the population in most of the places is young people. Now, these people listen to what the influencers say. And so when the influencers will tell about staying at home, the young generation will automatically listen and there will be fall in cases. The influencers also inform about what hygiene steps should be taken. Even if you have to go out and work, if you keep washing your hands, avoid touching your face and wear a mask, the spread of disease can be controlled. This strategy works best for nano and micro-influencers.  If an Instagram influencer has less than 100,000 followers whatever he/ she says becomes more relatable and real. They are able to capture the pulse of the youth. With closer relations, there are better engagement levels. Social influencers get followers on Instagram without any problem.

What is the Aim of Influencers?

The influencers work with the aim of flattening the course. They now spread all factual information and updates approved by the World Health Organisation with their followers. Apart from awareness, another task that these influencers do is spreading positivity. In these COVID times, everyone seems to be struggling with something or the other. For some, it is fear of losing their job and for others, loneliness is a huge predicament. Influencers can share some amazing quarantine activities that keep people motivated even in these tough times.

It is extremely vital to have a positive mindset otherwise stress and anxiety can cause a lot of mental havoc. Only when people are determined can they fight back this disease. Instagram as a medium is offering a lot of support and encouragement. With its Stay Home and Thank You Hour sticker, it is creating a chain of happiness and solidarity for the cause.

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