How Does Yoga Help in Sleep?

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Sleep is one of the ways to feel fresh and full of energy if done right. Unfortunately with work and home responsibilities, sometimes it is difficult to sleep at night. Sleep has become a luxury and it eludes many people due to stress or anxiousness. Stress and anxiety can elevate into depression and rob a person of sleep. Besides, to sleep one needs an ideal mattress along with a healthy mind. This where people turn to exercises, meditation or yoga.

Yoga is very famous these days with thousands of people practicing it around the globe. Originated in India, there has been no effective way of strengthening the mind and body as yoga. According to experts, people who practice yoga daily have been to be healthy, and they sleep better at night.

Given the current circumstances, there is no age for stress and it hinders peace of mind and can result in sleep deprivation followed by depression. Sometimes, one might feel waking more frustrated or irritated as if they haven’t slept at all. It’s one of the worse feelings. This is where yoga comes in, with its array of benefits, it can improve the overall lifestyle. It’s a perfect combination of meditation and physical exertion.

Here are the benefits of Yoga

Tires body in a good way: Yoga tires the body starting with the muscles, proving fruitful with people who suffer from sleep apnea (the body is sleep but the mind is active). Relaxing muscles can be difficult at times and with yoga it’s a lot easier.

Calms Nervous System: There are poses such as Uttansana, Savasana and Halasana that help decrease the activity in the nervous system and simultaneously increases the blood flow to the center of the brain (sleep center). With these poses, one can relax the nervous system and tell the brain to just shut down.

Distress the mind:

One of the best things yoga does is it distresses the mind that has a tendency to wander a lot. That’s why many experts suggest yoga as it enhances focus and concentration. Known to be a stress reliever, it also clears the mind. People can incorporate mindfulness meditation, if not up for the all-time yoga poses. It is a powerful tool that allows accepting the thoughts, emotions or feelings. Many psychotherapists turn to it for treating not only mental problems but eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders. People have positive reviews about it.

Revive your body:

The breathing rhythms in yoga helps reduce toxins and increase oxygen levels in the blood. During this process, one can distract from the mundane routine for a few minutes, eventually reducing stress and anxiety. Moreover, it also improves flexibility and physical strength.

There is one thing that a person needs with yoga for comfortable sleep and that is the perfect mattress. A right mattress will help alleviate Issues as back or neck pain. The best mattress for back pain is the orthopedic mattress. Clinically approved, it is designed to support the spine, back, neck and other body deformities. People suffering from acute muscle or back pain are often recommended this mattress. It comes in various types and a little research is required when buying one because not all mattresses are orthopedic. Before buying just make sure it’s an authentic orthopedic mattress.

There are various types of orthopedic mattresses.

Memory foam: Suitable for joint or back pain, memory foam mattress adapts to the shape of the body. It also aligns the spine and reduces pain in joints. However, some people don’t like the sinking feeling and it retains the body heat.

Gel Mattress: Similar to the memory foam, the foam is filled with gel, keeping the mattress cool.

Open Spring mattress:

Called as continues coil or open coil mattress, it has metal springs throughout the body, surrounded by wire to maintain its shape. These are not as durable as compared to other counterparts. The metals lose support over time.

Hybrid Mattress: It’s a perfect combination of innerspring and a wrapped foam material, providing optimal support and comfort.

There are a few top mattress brands in India that provide quality mattresses and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. One of them is Sleep options, do check out its offerings.

Various problems, one solution and that is yoga. One can search for all the Asana online and get an ideal mattress. All are available online including rebonded foam mattress. Before buying one to consult a doctor and for yoga, a yoga teacher can help to understand the basics. The secret lies in the rhythmic breathing. It has to be right, otherwise, it could do harm.

That was all on the importance of yoga and its relation to sleep. It’s scientifically proven that yoga does help in calming the nerves, relaxing the muscles and helping in reducing stress. It has crucial to practice it to live longer and lead a manageable life. There are specific Asana that target specific health problems. One such Asana is Tadasana, also known as the Mountain pose. The word ‘Tada’ means mountain in Sanskrit and Asana means posture. This Asana is the mother of all Asana as it forms the base facilitating other yoga postures to emerge. It has an array of benefits such as alleviating sciatica pain, remove unwanted fat from the buttocks, strengthen ankles, thighs and knees. Moreover, it improves the digestive and nervous system and most importantly it helps the spine.

Brand Overview: Sleep Options, a brand of Classic Corporation, is one of the topmost brands for producing finest mattresses to provide the ultimate comfort and optimum sleeping experience. The brand’s products are made from the highest quality materials with innovative design and craftsmanship. These not only offer the restful sleep but also rejuvenates the body having high energy to get you through the day.

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