How Does WhatsApp Help Magento eCommerce Store Owners?

How Does WhatsApp Help Magento eCommerce Store Owners?

There is barely anyone who hasn’t heard of WhatsApp, or better yet, used it. Sending messages and staying in touch has become so easier with the augment of instant chat applications. Everyone is aware of the most widely used social media app – WhatsApp that connects more than billions of people across the planet across wide ranges of devices and operating systems. It offers a simple way to people for connecting and sharing media as well as messages. Seeing a chance for business to grow and interact with the client, WhatsApp has started rolling out Business Service to the brands and ecommerce owners. It’s like a dream come true for small and large businesses who are seeking powerful tools to interact with their customers. The Ecommerce business has been very fast to evolve with technological advancements and make a competitive market and keeping it updated is the the only way to stay ahead in the race. Therefore, it’s a decent plan to incorporate WhatsApp into your Ecommerce strategy to boost your business communication.

Nowadays, even single beep on a Smartphone is enough to grab the attention of any user, however, once it involves WhatsApp, most of the notifications get scanned in less than three seconds. Sending these varieties of notification is effective, faster, secure and reliable that gives a personalized experience to your store customers. You can hire Magento developers to help you integrate WhatsApp and make your processes easier.

Here are some major advantages of using the WhatsApp for your Ecommerce business communication and sales purposes:

  • Increase Your Customer Servicing: With instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, it’s become very convenient for purchasers to achieve you, and vice versa. It is easier than contacting the users and potential clients via email or phone. It is easy and hassle-free option that inspires customers to interact with the brand in a comprehensive manner. Consumers usually like written method over phone calls, and what’s higher than dropping an instant message? WhatsApp notifications are sent by Magento ecommerce business owners to inform the customers about their orders, shipment, and delivery. Users receive their movie ticket bookings over WhatsApp and it enhances customer service.
  • Utilize the facility of Broadcasting and Groups: WhatsApp permits the user to make groups and send the same message to multiple users through the feature called Broadcast. This is often a decent strategy when you want to reach a large audience at the same time. People tend to read WhatsApp messages a lot of and therefore the response rate is higher than other mediums. You’ll send promotional messages and discount coupons within a bunch and keep them hooked with WhatsApp Broadcast. Here you’ll let your creative thinking fly and send brand info in unique formats, instead of simply plain text.
  • User History and Convenience: The correspondence that happens over WhatsApp includes a backup which might enable you and the client to keep a track of the previous interactions without any hassle. You’ll be able to use WhatsApp on your desktop to manage all the chats.
  • WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp Business aims to help sellers connect with their customers. The app has amazing tools that the small business owners can use to get in touch with their customers and conduct business over the platform by creating a business profile, they can enjoy the benefits of this platform. They can send automatic messages to customers once you’re unavailable and keep them engaged. The statistics additionally allows you to analyze how you’re doing in your business. You can additionally share documents and PDFs also. Share your company’s profile and brochure with your customers.  One can use the insights to enhance and grow their brand.
  • Transaction Updates: Keep your customers updated regarding activities like successful order placed or cancelled, invoice generation, etc. via WhatsApp. Admin may get WhatsApp notifications for customers’ various activities. Build customers’ trust and improve user experience by sending instant WhatsApp messages to users.

If you are looking for an ecommerce store or Whatsapp integration with your existing Magento site, we can help you get the best solutions. Being a leading Magento development company, the company is backed up with a team of expert certified developers who think out of the box and deliver outstanding solutions.


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