How Does Automation Makes Insurance Application And Renewal More Efficient

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Insurance agencies look for a better means to manage all their internal tasks. The advancement of broadband internet connection and computers has made them better and more efficient at carrying out the tasks. Currently, a lot of the paperwork has got eliminated as most of the internal workflow of the insurance firms has now become automated.

Reducing the dependency on paper and using software to perform the work is a win-win condition. Let’s see more about how automation is bringing a positive change in the insurance sector.

Enhance the data entry process

Manual form of data entry is not just a cumbersome process but also results in errors. This makes it problematic for the agent as well as the client. When seen from the eyes of an agent, constant repetition of keystrokes leads to a lot of wastage of time that can instead be spent on fostering the client.

For all those tasks that you are repeatedly performing, you can use macros and keyboard shortcuts to get a lot of boost to your overall efficiency. Custom macros have the ability to perform several repetitive actions at once within the AMS tool. This helps in saving a lot of your organizational effort and time.

This saved labor and time can be used in other core activities of a business. OTA travel insurance website enables consumer to book different types of travel related services through Internet. These are third party agents that resell trips, cars, hotels, vacation packages and flights, etc.

Automapping Insurance Forms

Automatic field mapping automatically populates all the answers present on the various forms with same or similar questions. This helps in saving the insured a lot of manual labor as well as time.

The client never gets to answer the same question again. In case of a renewal process, automatic mapping transfers the answers from forms of the past year to the new form of current year. The task of the insurer is simply to verify this information.

Automated marketing messages to create better customer engagement

Schedule “drip” campaigns via an automation email marketing platform like MailChimp. Automatic sending of regular emails helps in making engagement with current leads and customers. Templates can even be used to create several campaigns that include thank you emails and even welcome messages.

The primary objective of a “welcome message” is for moving users via an onboarding process. All these messages need to be warm, and personal. It should include a “Call-to-Action” at the end. Ensure that the right message gets delivered value to all the customers.


There are several tasks for which companies are struggling to find an adequate technological solution. For most of these tasks, automation is seen as the key. With it an insurance firm can maximize its results while lowering both implementation challenges and costs with automation. This will help you quickly acquire full and precise information to the insured, and take you a step ahead to lowering all your internal operational inefficiencies.

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