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The sole reason behind the huge proliferation of the travel industry is its ability to proffer the millennial travelers with multiple choices on global travel contents, which include- flights, hotels, bus, rental car, cruise, travel packaging etc. and these empower the travelers to search, select, book and create their own itinerary with convenience. Modern travel agencies are developing a platform that enables the clients to get their required travel related products and services instantly, efficiently and conveniently. When you talk about the current scenario of the travel industry, well it is not just comprises of travel companies, travel content providers and travelers. Travel technology providers are always there and it is because of the technology provided by the technologists, the travel industry is flourishing at a bombarding speed and helping travel companies to escalate the realm of their business.

If you look at the contemporary travel market, you will understand that modern travelers prefer booking travel contents from a site that gives them the access to the real-time inventories of flights, hotels, bus, rental car along with pre-defined and pre-designed dynamic travel packages. The travel can either choose to get the travel package that contains all travel related services from flights, hotels, sightseeing, local transport etc. for several destinations or select their own travel; itinerary as per their choice.

If you as a travel agent want to cater to the different needs of your customers, you must focus on enhancing your resources. You cannot expect high revenue if you are giving only flight booking services to your clients. You must become the largest aggregator of global travel contents to proffer out of the box services to your clients. Among all the other travel related services, being the chief at lodging encompasses you with such a huge number of obligations. Providing accommodation facilities to your customers is such a cutting edge facility that entices and encourages people to book from your site. To get access to the in-depth inventories of the hotels from across the globe, the travel agents must have to consider Hotel API Integration into their existing online travel booking engine. This integration empowers the travel agent to get access to the live streaming of details, such as availability of rooms, price, menu, images, events nearby, discounts, facilities the hotelier is providing, locating the hotels through map etc. While deciding on the innovation for lodging site, it is essential to look out for the support it will get through API. There has never been a better way to develop your hotel booking platform that has the ability to aggregate information from multiple resources on hotels.

Features of Hotel API

  • Flexible, scalable and easy to integrate and implement
  • Build and update customized travel booking applications
  • Decreased development cost and time
  • Custom-designed solution to maximize efficiency
  • Independence of language and application framework
  • Real-time streaming of prices
  • Continually optimized product solutions
  • Manage room availability, number of rooms and dates available to book
  • View and manage the history of all confirmed, modified and cancelled bookings
  • Multiple distribution system systems emphasized with channel manager usage
  • Deal management system to enter package plans and make them available on all reservation channels like B2B, B2C.

Hotel API offers connectivity to multiple hotels that suit your business model providing access to the extensive global hotel content with the best negotiated deals.

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