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The City is a sedan which does everything right be it the space, comfort, reliability and equipment levels, on the other side the Ecosport is a hugely popular crossover in the Indian market. So which one of them will be the better one? Read our Honda City vs Ford Ecosport review to learn more.

In terms of exterior design, these two are not alike by any means, with its radical styling, a huge chrome grille on the front and bigger wheels the Ecosport is the better looking car in this comparison, whereas the Honda’s design looks too safe and boring. When you come inside, things start to come down in favor of the City, the City is equipped with some first in segment features like the touch panel climate control. The plastics used here also feel good and plush when compared to the EcoSport. The plastics used in the Ecosport feel hard, the buttons don’t feel sturdy and it just lacks the premium feel you expect from a car of this price. The City’s cabin is practical as well, the rear seat legroom is cavernous and the seats are well cushioned and three can be seated with comfort over long journeys. The Ecosport has more headroom, but the legroom is cramped thanks to the sub 4m limit.

Driving both the cars, the Ecosport’s 1.5litre turbo diesel makes 99bhp of power and 200Nm of torque, the power delivery is linear and the slick shifting gearbox aids drivability. The suspension is done right, the car feels stable even at three digit speeds and overall you will love to drive the Ford Ecosport. The City does not lack behind in this test, the first for Honda 1.5 litre Earth Dreams technology diesel feels extremely smooth and responsive, power delivery is linear and the engine revs to the redline very smoothly. One thing we didn’t like is the noise from the Honda, the engine makes a lot of noise and we expect Honda to lower the NVH levels in the next generation.

The Honda City is our pick in this comparison, the Ecosport does shine with the exterior looks but it is the Honda which has a spacious cabin, quality and reliability. Do look out for the complete Honda City vs Ford Ecosport review at autoX, our experts Compare cars in India to help you make a better purchasing decision.


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